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For four nights I share my bed.

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Today is the last day of a seven day NLP Practitioner course here in Istanbul. Tomorrow I will deliver a one day Mind Map course and continue teaching the English with NLP course participants skills that will enhance their learning experience, then catch the last flight back to the UK on Turkish Airlines. I am going to look forward to their food again. I think not.

It has been a tiring time here, giving two courses a day, the NLP Practitioner and taking three sessions of English with NLP, ten hours a day, with all the difficulties training brings with it, and I have not been sleeping well.

For the last few nights I have been sharing my bed. Not bad I may hear people say, at least you are not alone.

Yes I have not been alone. But why do they insist on waking me up at 4am (four in the morning), when I should be at my deepest sleep, when my brain learns, when the plasticity of the brain happens?

Why at 4am to they get hungry, and want me to feed them?

At 4 o’clock, the mosquitoes come out and buzz my ears. My subconscious mind is waiting, listening for them and when it hears them, it shouts to my conscious that is gracefully sleep :- 
                      “Danger, you are being attacked, wake-up, wake-up.”

So far they have not had their breakfast from me.

I am going to look forward to my bed in the UK, where there are no mosquitoes.

But I will have only two nights rest, as I fly off to Bangalore in India (click to visit site) to deliver a PhotoReading course to about fifty participants, and I know there are mosquitoes there.

Oh Poo Poo.

Does anyone know why they attack at 4am? Comments please.

Hypnosis – A Natural State

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It is been said that hypnosis can be described as:-

the loss of the multiplicity of the foci of attention

In other words, in hypnosis we focus on one particular thing, for example the hypnotists voice to the exclusion of all other distractions, the swinging of a watch, the flames of a fire, or counting sheep.

Counting Sheep to relax or sleepWhen in a trance, say looking or watching a film on the television, our focus of attention is locked into the TV screen. Have you ever been watching and being totally absorbed in a film, then someone has spoken to you, and you never heard them? They had to speak to you twice or more to get your attention.

Have you ever been or seen someone daydreaming? Your mind is somewhere else, perhaps thinking about a forthcoming holiday, or fanaticising about something, making castles in the air. In that state you have missed something happening around you.

Have you ever been watching television, and the program has been boring, you had no interest in the subject, and your mind wondered off, and you missed a section of the program.

Then you have been in a trance.

Trance is a naturally occurring state of mind that we all go into many times a day. And yet, you are in control at all times. Should anything happen, you can deal with it.

Give it another name, meditation, mesmerism, daydreaming, yoga. They are all the same, perhaps at differening levels of relaxation.

Hypnosis – What is it?

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Phillip Holts eyes“What do you understand hypnosis to be?”

The answers I get vary every time, from, “I do not know“, to many weird, wild and wonderful explanations.

I also get many emails, requesting information, a typical one for example being: –

“I have been interested in hypnosis for a long time, but not really stage hypnosis, just hypnosis where I can control people and tell them what to do. I’ve looked through many books but they haven’t helped. All that they are, are Self Hypnosis and I want to hypnotize people. Please help me.”

Probably the first thing I say to people is that there is no such thing as hypnosis, it does not exist, it is just a name given to a natural occurring state in which we all go into many time a day.

You have probably traveled on a train or, on a regular journey, going to work or school, or just going about your business. You have seen the same trees pass you by, the same buildings many times. Have you ever traveled on the Underground, the Metro? Through the darken tunnels, where everything looks the same?

And, as you travel along you start to think about what you are going to eat, what you are going to wear that night, for a party, or that holiday you are going to take. Then, you look around and wonder what station you are at, or what junction you have just past.

Yes, of course you have.

You have been in a trance. Yet, you were in full control. If you were driving and an emergency had arisen, for example a child had walked out in front of you, or a car had pulled out without seeing you coming, you would have taken the appropriate action, you would have been in control.

So you would be in a hypnotic state.

I ask the questioner, if I requested you to go outside into the street now, a shout at the top of your voice a quotation from The Bard, William Shakespeare’s Richard III,

“A horse, a horse, my Kingdom for a horse”.

Would you do it?

No I doubt it.

And if I asked you at the same time, to stand in the middle of the street and take all your clothes off, would you do it?

No, you would not. It would probably be too cold for you.

So, in a hypnotic trance it is the same, you would not do anything, that is against your beliefs, your culture, your religion, you are in complete control.

It is a myth that you are under the control of the hypnotist, perpetuated by movies, for example The Manchurian Candidate, where the spy master telephones the normally placid clerk in an office, and says the magic words, “the clock strikes three“, and the clerk’s eyes mist over, he stares out into deep space, opens his briefcase, takes out a Colt 45 gun, walks out of the office into the street, and shoots the victim dead, then the clerk awakens, and stands there wondering what he has done.

Many Government agencies have tried to achieve such states, but they have failed with hypnosis. What they have achieved, is to get people to do things through brain washing, a (technique, which is outside the scope of this work), has been used in the past, and even today, by some countries to control their populations and individuals, by organisations and by religion. We only have to look at certain organisations today, where individuals blow themselves up for their beliefs, killing others for no other reason but the belief that they will enter the gates of heaven. Was those beliefs placed inside their heads by hypnosis? No, simply by brain washing them to believe over a period of time.

Brain washing? That is another subject I have researched and maybe write about some other time. Read article.

Two versions of film have been made of The Manchurian Candidate, the first in 1962 with Frank Sinatra, the send in 2004 with Denzel Washington and based on the 1959 book of the same name by Richard Condon.


Hypnosis – Expectations

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Richard Bandler and John Grinder modeled people of excellence creating NLP. One of these people was the hypnotist, Milton Erickson.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnotic ImageThe greatest aid to a hypnotist is expectation.

If a client believes that hypnotist he/she is to see, will be a qualified hypnotist, then there will be an expectation that they can and will be hypnotised. This is especially true in the stage hypnotism area, as the audience attending the show, expect to see people on stage perform funny acts, and those that go up onto the stage to be part of the show, expect to be hypnotized. The main problem here is what does the client expect?

It is the hypnotist’s function to place the client in the correct frame of expectation and understanding of what will be happening. Often the client comes with misconceptions that he/she will go into a sleep like state in which they will have no knowledge, or memory of their session under hypnosis.

Read on (click).


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There are times when you wish to achieve, do, accomplish or learn, and we have difficulty. You look about you and see others doing that you want to do with ease, happiness, confidence, enthusiasm.

What is wrong?


You have not found the right strategy for you yet. In NLP we use STRATEGY Elicitation to find out how people achieve excellence. We look for the internal processing of those you wish to emulate. You look for the V.A.K.O.G. of how they process the external and internal information, stimulus or experiences, and if it is appropriate, try the strategy yourself.

As you try the new strategy you can apply the following model, the NOP model.

         N   =  Notice it.
         O   =  Own it.
           =  Play with it.


If you do something and it is to your liking and successful, notice what is happening, notice your feelings, your thoughts, what you see, hear, taste and smell, both internally and externally.


If this new thing is good, then make it your own, take ownership of it. It is yours.


Make adjustments to what you notice, and try the new strategy again, if that is better then own it. Then play with that.

Keep looping round the NOP strategy until you have a strategy that is uniquely yours.

RAM Your Memory

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To perfect a good memory, we must be able to learn to relax. We must pay attention to what we are learning, storing or remembering, to become aware, there must be some meaning as to why we are learning, storing or remembering and we should have the motivation to use our memory in the first place.

By Relaxing, paying Attention and giving Meaning by being Motivated (RAM) to the memory task, you will entrain our minds, our memory to be what we wish it to be.

You have the same brain as Gianni Golfera, Doug O’Brian, Einstein. How do they do it?

They have techniques that can be easily learnt. By practice, and playing, it is easy to remember, just RAM information into your brain.

Memory – Increase Memory

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The one thing that humans have is above all, is a memory that is thought to be superior to any living thing. The human brain has the capacity to learn and adapt to the surroundings and requirements of life.

Another thing about the human being, is that nine out of ten people believe they have a poor memory, in fact we have the same memory capacity as the world memory champions, we just have not learnt to use it in ways that we will remember, in an easy and fun way.

Yesterday I gave a one day course based on the research and learning taken from world memory champions, especially Dominic O’Brian, and the work of the man with the biggest memory Gianni Golfera.

Through my many courses taught throughout the world, Mind Maps, Accelerated Learning and Teaching, NLP, Hypnosis, Stage Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, Speed Reading and PhotoReading, I have gathered together many techniques I have found invaluable in improving memory.

I was amazed at the ability of all ages were able to remember easily, names, telephone number, and lists of random words.

I love my work.

Airline Food

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From previous entries you may have seen the offering of food on aircraft as we jet across the blue sky, looking down at the white cloud tops, the rivers meandering down to the sea, the towns and cities, and the roads and railroads linking them.

I wonder how many people realise I am up here?

Aircraft food is pretty standard really in the quality, it differs in the content.

Turkish Airlines offer reasonable food for a three and a half hour flight. It is usually hot, and you do get a choice of two main meals, mostly chicken or pasta.

My last flight offered the usual, and in the cramped seating I was able to stave off my hunger.

Turkish Airlines foodcat on the mat or cat in the tree, and getting it wrong?

I do it a lot.


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When we have a task, something we wish to achieve, there are two models we can apply that can help us. They are the SMART. Model and the GROW Model. We can also apply the WHAT, WHY, WHERE, WHO, WHEN and HOW model.

By applying or asking the questions WHAT? WHY? WHERE? WHO? WHEN? HOW? we can cover all aspects, all requirements, to know what resources we need to achieve your goal or outcome.


What are you going to do? What are you going to make? What are you going to purchase?

This is the task, the goal or the outcome you wish to achieve.

Be positive in defining the WHAT? Be bold, strong. It is not good enough to say “I want to be rich.” You must say by how much, make it as if you were describing the richest person in the world.

Ask, WHAT am I going to do?”


Why are you going to do this task, attain the goal the outcome? Again be decisive, Do not say “So I can save the world.” Chunk down, give specific information as to the reasons you will be doing this task.

Ask, WHY is this important for me to do it?”


Where are you going to do, perform, carry-out this task? If you are going to teach Scuba Diving, is it feasible to do this in the middle of the Sahara desert, where there is no water.

Ask, “WHERE am I going to do this?”


Who is going to perform, do, carry-out the task? Is it just you? Do you need other people? What sort of people? How many? Who else needs to be involved?

Ask,”WHO is going to do what?”


When is this task to be carried out? Remember the SMART Model, it has to be timely.

Ask, WHEN do I want this to be completed?”


How are you going to carry-out the task? What steps do you need to put in-place? What resources do you need to accomplish the task?

Ask, HOW am I going to do this?”

By applying the WHAT, WHY, WHERE, WHO, WHEN, HOW principle, you will find the “building blocks”, the steps, the resources you need to succeed.