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A warm welcome in Bangalore, India.

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As I arrived in Bangalore, India early this morning, I was surprised that it was not as hot as I expected. The weather forecast said heavy rain, but no rain came.

My hotel or rooms where I am staying is the Stay n Work @ Infantry, 145 Infantry Road, Bangalore, 560001, put out a welcome sign for me. Cool.

My welcome sign at the Stay & Work Hotel, Bangalore
My welcome sign at the Stay & Work Hotel,

But then perhaps I am the only guest?

Driving around town reminded me of Columbo in Sri Lanka, until I came across a sign.

Cool. Over fifty participants, may be more.

Advertising in Bangalore for Phillip Holt and PhotoReading in Bangalore

The Future as told by a Fortune Teller.

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Yesterday I heard from a friend who had their fortune told, and said that there was a mention about me, they could tell by the way the fortune teller described the person. It implied I was or will be ill.

I believe in many things that cannot be proven 100% at this time could be true, or should I say, I have an open mind about ideas, thoughts, technologies, methodologies until they can be proven wrong.

Take for example Remote Viewing, Physique Spying, that the American’s undertook and practiced for many years. Before working with Joe McMoneagle, perhaps the number one remote viewer some years ago, it was just a story, a myth, but I had an open mind. Learning from him, proved to me that such a thing can be achieved. With a friend, Nickie Walker as a runner, we demonstrated for a TV program that Remote Viewing does work.

How about fortune telling?

Is it mind reading? (See the Meta Model)  It could be.

Is it seeing into the future? (See the way the brain works to follow) It could be.

Is it a confidence trick, where the reader, the fortune teller is calibrating to the sitter, reporting back any feedback that is given by noticing eye accessing cues, body movements and language patterns.? It could be.

Because of the way we as humans process information at the surface level, missing out the deep structure, by using the model of Miller that we only take 7 +/- 2 pieces of information, by knowing that to understand we go on a transderivational search into our past experiences, by knowing that we delete, distort and generalise information, by knowing that we put our cat on the mat, we only hear what we want to hear, what which suits us. We fit what is being told to us into our Map of our World or in NLP terms, The Map is not the Territory, our understanding.

We also tend to believe what others say to us. If someone say to us, “you do look sick,” the chances are that you will begin to feel ill, and if enough people tell you that, then it must be true. If someone tells you after a holiday that “you do look great”, and others say the same, then that will influence you, it must be true.

Should you listen to others, fortune tellers, soothsayers, oracles?

There was once a great leader who was at war with the world, expanding his territory, and he went to an oracle to foresee the future. Should he go to battle with the enemy or not? He was told that there would be a great battle, and there would be a great victory. So he assembled his army and attacked his neighbours.

He lost. He failed to get all the facts about the future battle, he did not ask who would win, he believed what he wanted to believe that he would be the winner.

Perhaps the fortune teller can tell us about the future as it could be. I believe that the future is in our hands. It is up to us to take that information, and use it to our advantage, make changes that will make it happen, or changes to prevent it happening.

Look below the surface level, chunk down to look at what could be true and act upon it now.

Daily Express My Views

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Daily Express my thoughts, my teaching, that is what I have set this blog up for.

To help people, through fears and phobias, gain confidence, to do what they have always wished, to excel, achieve the excellence deserved through NLP, Hypnosis, and all my learning.

I am often asked to help in projects, and often contacted by journalists, reporters, TV programmes for help. So it was a few weeks ago. A certain writer telephoned me for information on NLP, what was it, what can be achieved by NLP. Lots of questions, lasting quite a long time. I spent more time compiling more information for him so he could create his article.

When the publication date arrived, I purchased the paper wondering what was written.

I was not mentioned. Nothing.

Oh Poo Poo.

I attended Harvard Business School some time ago now, and out of the Strategic Negotiation Course, perhaps one of the most intensive I have taken, I learnt about Win Win, Win Loose, Loose Win, in negotiations and sales. To know the BATNA of each other. (more to follow.)

In anything you do, selling, coaching, helping, just being, it is always best to be in a Win Win situation, where both parties are satisfied with the outcome, nobody gains over the other, both win.

If you buy a chocolate cake, and you find that the baker has charged you too much money, obviously the baker is very happy, but are you? Will you go back?

If you go to buy a chocolate cake and you negotiate the price down until the baker has made no profit, has not even made money for the time, effort and knowledge in the process of baking the cake, is the baker likely to sell you another?

I remember a friend of mine Bill telling me a story.

He had a client who supplied and fitted replacement windows.

The client of Bill, had fitted some windows, but one window would not shut properly. The fitters tried adjusting the gearing and fittings, nothing would work. For two days they laboured, with no luck, and the customer began to complain, wanting their money back because of bad workmanship.

Bill was called in, and went to the site, looked at the window, took a small hammer from his inside pocket, and tapped the window.

The window closed.

A week later after submitting his invoice, Bill was contacted by the client who complained about the amount of Bill’s charge £500.00.

      “How can this be so much as all you did was tap the window?” the client complained.

      “Simple. For tapping the window I charged £1.00. Knowing where to tap the window is £499.00.” Bill replied.

Every thing we do has worth. I will not buy the newspaper again.

But there again I am happy, it has given myself something to write about in my blog and keep my mission to Daily Express my views, and I helped someone.

Bad Hair Day

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                                                   Mosquito’s  and For four nights I share my bed.)

Why do finger nails sometimes grow so quickly when travelling?

Why does the hair grow so quickly when travelling and in sunny countries?

Up until a year ago I had a certain hair style, which I had had for most of my life. I felt comfortable with it, side parting, swept back slightly at the side, not too short on the crown, as too short the hair would stick up like a cockerel’s tail.

Then a hairdresser I found in Kingston upon Thames (click to see small film), my home town, suggested I might try something new. I let him play with my hair, I had nothing to loose.

I was shocked by the result, spicky hair, and waxed, something I refused in the past. It was too late, and the next day I flew off to give another training, and everyone said they liked it. So I applied the NOP Model and stuck with it since.

I owe him a lot. So if visiting Kingston and you need a hair cut, visit Studio SB near the Market Square. He will give you a good hair cut.

My day of rest, where am I?

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My arrival back in the UK will give me two days of rest before the trip to Bangalore for a PhotoReading course, on one of these days is a Bank Holiday.

The work that I do now means I have left the 9 to 5, Monday to Friday working environment. I work any day, any hours, anywhere. So I do not know what day it is sometimes.

It seems that I do not sleep in the same bed, the same town, the same country, for more than ten days.

The food that I eat changes. Although the ingredients are the same, with variations in ingredients and in the vegetables (grass), I will eat the same meat, mostly tasting of chicken. What differs is the way the food is prepared and presented, the combination or selection of the food on the plate, are there potatoes, chips or rice, and the spices used to change the tastes, from salt to chillies.

Where am I, what day is it? Sometimes I do not know.

One of the first exotic (to me) countries I traveled to many years ago was Singapore, on a trip to South East Asia.

As we came into land at Singapore’s Changi Airport, we flew over hundreds of ships moored at sea, waiting to take on fuel, load and unload goods to be shipped to all parts of the world. 

We drove into the main city center to my hotel, passed high rise apartments, on what seemed to me a very crowded populated but extremely clean country.

I felt I was breaking into new worlds, like the presenters who produce the travel documentaries on TV.

The illusion was broken when I came across a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant take away. It should have not been there, this is not Great Britain, how can KFC be in another exotic country? I get the same in Turkey. How can there be a Domino’s Pizza take away, Marks and Spencer, Top Shop, Zara in these far away countries?

It is said we are becoming a global village. It is true. Walk down any High Street in the UK, and you will see the same shops, selling the clothes, electrical equipment the same good, at the same price. Walk down the main shopping streets in major international cities in the world, you will see United Colours of Benetton, Zara, Top Shop, McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, they are all there, charging the equivalent prices. No longer it seems do you get cheap goods, unless there is a change in currency rates, or they are counterfeits.

But you do get consistency, the food is the same, the presentation is the same, the taste the same, I know what I am going to get, and if I cannot speak the language I can point to the menu. Sometimes like a bit of the UK, what I have grown-up with, what I am used to.

So I had a Nado’s Chicken yesterday. Their restaurants are in many town in the UK, serving the famous PERi PERi sauce, made with some fiery little chili combined with special herbs and spices, lemon and a touch of garlic, giving its unique flavour. Chips, oh chips. My mouth watered.

Nandos, A salad, (grass), olives with cloves of garlic, chicken with spicy hot PERi PERi sauce, and loads of chips.

IRIS Recognition Technology at Heathrow Airport

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A trial of IRIS, run by the UK Immigration Service, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, BAA and EyeTicket, is designed to allow up to 2,000 invited passengers who travel frequently as visitors to the UK through passport control in the blink of an eye.

Initially, passengers undergo an enrollment process, including identity checks by an immigration officer, before being able to use the equipment. The iris of the eyes are photographed, and digitally stored on a computer system, linking it to the Immigration Services database which contains the passengers passport details.

Once enrolled, passengers can simply glance into a camera in a special booth on arrival in the Immigration and Passport Control area, and have their identity verified in seconds each time they arrive at Heathrow and Gatwick Airports. The iris pattern is compared with the stored digital code, and if the details match, a barrier opens, allowing them to enter the UK.

The whole procedure takes only a few seconds. It is also considered the highest accuracy, single-factor identification method in the world. There is no contact with the body, and no laser or other potentially harmful light source is involved.

It seems to work, although a little cumbersome to get the eyes lined-up for the camera to be able to make the recognition, and sometimes one has to bend down to use the recognition camera designed to be used by a midget.

Same food, different service.

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I took the last flight back from Istanbul, Ataturk Airport to London’s Heathrow. The Ataturk airport seemed empty, well it was Saturday night, not a high demand period. I wondered what would happen on this flight.

I went to the departure lounge with some time to spare, so I wrote the blog English Course – My last day with them and nearly missed the flight as for once they did not announce the departure over the public address system.

Boarding the aircraft, which was not full, I walked up the isle, and knew that someone else was sitting in MY seat. It was mine, I had booked it earlier on the internet, 12A wing exit so I had lots of leg room, and the youth sitting there pretending to be asleep. Not for long, a quick tap on his shoulder, and showing him my boarding card seat allocation. He protested that he was in the correct seat, but I stood my ground, no language from me, just pointing at my ticket and the markings above his head.

Loads of thoughts raced through my mind:-

“If he was in the right seat, and we had been double booked as happened before, they may upgrade me to Business Class, but too many empty seats for that, and I want a window seat, and he was in mine, I want my seat.”

I stood my ground. Noticing that the seat in front was empty, 11A, narrow and someone in 11B. He was not happy, but neither was I.

I stood my ground, I had paid for the flight, I chose my seat early’ and I have a Gold Elite frequent flyer card. I want my rights.

Eventually, he admitted defeat, stood up and moved to his allocated seat, looking around as he went for another seat he could claim. The man behind smiled and said that I was smooth in way of moving him.

As the meal was being served, I pondered what would be available, as the gentleman in the isle seat got a special meal early, perhaps a vegetarian. I decided I would have a white wine, after all the hard work I had been doing over the previous two weeks I deserved something special.

The trolley got to my seat, and the flight attendant looked at me and started to move away as I caught her eye. She said why didn’t I want a meal? My reply was that I had not been offered one, yet. There was not one left in the trolley.

Oh Poo Poo

Frantic signals were exchanged between her and other flight attendants, eventually producing a meal, but I had no choice. What ever it was it tasted of chicken. Nothing different from all the other meals. Click to see other meals.

Turkish Airlines food as it used to be.

Hypnosis – Peter Pan and Never, Never Land

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“When I close my eyes, I will go to sleep, and when I wake up, I will not know what has happened”.

I call this statement, going to “Never, Never Land“, just like Wendy and her brothers in Peter Pan.

Peter Pan in Never Never Land is not HypnosisV,A,K,O,G, vision, auditory, kinesthetic (feeling), olfactory (smell), and gustatory (taste), – so that the subject can focus on the voice of the hypnotist to the exclusion of all others.

They will hear more, they will feel more, and with their eyes open they will see more. Why yes, you can be in a hypnotic trance with eyes open. You have seen people and done it yourself, staring at one spot or item, or no particular thing.

“You cannot hypnotise me.”

“I have been told not everyone can be hypnotised”.

It is true. No one can hypnotise you unless you are willing to be. But, every person can be hypnotised to enter some state of relaxation or trance. Where people fail to enter into a trance is not that they cannot be hypnotised, but they were unwilling to be hypnotised, or that the hypnotist was not flexible or adaptable enough to help the subject enter a state of relaxation and trance.

Trance or hypnosis is a state. It is just like the state you enter into just prior going into sleep.

We, as humans, go through many states during our day. These are normally broken down into Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta states. Beta, is where we are totally awake being fully absorbed, active, running, jumping. Alpha is where we are more concentrating, absorbed, studying. Theta is where we are perhaps daydreaming, totally relaxed, entering into a sleep like mode. Delta, is deep sleep, a sleep where we dream, where you will notice eye movements below the eyelids called REM (Rapid Eye Movements). All these states can be measured by the changes in the brain waves.

We all drift in and out of these states all day, and others influence us to go into these states by their talking, their communications with us.

Can you remember being at school listening to the teacher in that boring subject? For me it was history. My eyes would get heavy, I would yawn, the second hand on the clock would begin to slow down, my mind would wonder off, thinking about other things. Why? The teacher’s method of imparting information sent me into an altered state.

I remember as a small boy, my mother calling me in a soft singing voice, “Phillip”. I knew that she was baking a cake, and that she was calling me to lick the bowl of the cake mix, I became relaxed, skipping into the kitchen, with a big smile on my face. Yet she would call me another time in a low loud voice, “Phillip John“. I knew I was in trouble, I entered a fear state, and it was time to hide, not to get a smack, to be told off, as I must have done something wrong.

Have you ever read a story to a small child at bedtime, or remember the time when you were a small child and had a story read to you? What happened? Sleep was induced; the child went into a deep relaxed state of sleep. Was the story read in a provocative manor, in an aggressive way? No it was read in a soothing, quiet, soft voice.

We all influence others states in what we do, what we say, as they do with us. So congratulations, you yourself are a hypnotist. You did not know?

Have you ever thought who else may be a hypnotist? What about, film producers? You have watched firms where you laughed so hard, your sides ached, you have watched films where you were frightened, and I know you have watched films where tears have come to your eyes. What about actors on stage? I am totally absorbed by Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on stage in the London Palladium theatre, or The Phantom of the Opera. My state changes as scene by scene is enacted.

If you wish to experience a deep trance, Download my CD or MP3, visit the blog The Castle, or click on the left hand side panel link.

La Cantine, Taxim Tunel Square, Istanbul

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La Cantine.

La Cantine and Tunel Tram

La Cantine and Tunel Tram

For my Turkish friends, please visit this little restaurant and taste their wonderful wraps. You can make-up your own selection of contents for thw wrap in an easy selection process. There are three columns of choices, numbered 1 to 6, so you decide that you will have a 1-2-6, simple yet effective.

Tell them the English trainer sent you, you will get a smile and a warm welcome.

İstiklal Caddesi’nin Tünel meydanında bulunan La Cantine, Fransız damak tadina uygun durumler yapan kucuk bir cafe. Lavaşını tercihinize göre oluşturup deneyebileceginiz durumlerde ceşit olarak dana kontrfile, tavuk bonfile, parmak köfte ve vejeteryan ana seçimlerine mantar, acı, köri, soğan veya avokado sosları ilave edebilirsiniz. Ayrıca özel lezzet olarak soğanlı ekmeği deneyebilirsiniz. Harika lezzetiyle en sevdigim durumcu.

Adres : Tünel Meydanı – İstiklal Cad. No : 406 Beyoğlu

Tel (212) 245 95 60

Sadly the last time I visited Tunel, La Cantine had gone, 2011.