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Dim Sum

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Dim Sum is a traditional Chinese light meal or snack, served from morning to late afternoon.

Usually served in small steamer baskets or small plates, the food offers a variety of choices, from fish, meat, vegetables, noodles, desserts, and gallons of Chinese tea, mainly a flower or yellow tea. No milk.

Dim Sum at the New World Restaurant, London China TownNew World, where the food selection is taken from table to table on trolleys, and as they pass, you can chose what you want. Perhaps not the most elegant restaurant, but good food, but the atmosphere is good..

A Relaxing Meal?

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A new day in Kingston upon Thames and London with so much to do.

I have not driven my car for about two months as I have been out of the country for such a long time, and Mee Len wants to see her two sisters, Mee Chee and Mee Wah. Mee Wah is visiting for a few days from Dubai.

I go down to get the car, and the battery is flat, no power. These days there are so many electronic parts on a car that the batteries run down, even if it is not being used. I spend more on batteries than petrol, having to replace them every year as I only do 2,000 miles a year, they never get enough charge.

Eventually I get the car to start, and we go to Leatherhead, for a quick lunch, and then the girls go of into London to the Victoria and Albert Museum, not for me, so home I go.

The internet is not working as my ISP has been taken over by another company, and I have to move once again. It goes wrong. The more I try to get it going the less it works, but I do not have time to work on it, I have to meet the family in Fulham, near the Chelsea Football Ground, at a restaurant called the Blue Elephant, based on the Thai cuisine.

This restaurant has many branches throughout the world, London, Paris, Brussels, Copenhagen, Lyon, Dubai, New Delhi, Beirut, Malta, Kuwait, and Bahrain, and as the list of locations would indicate, the cost of the food is expensive. Ok the atmosphere is good, lots of flowing streams with fish, criss cross the restaurant floor, were even the eating assistant, let me call her that, as she was allocated to me to show me to the table, as she got lost between the array of split levels and small little sections of tables, in this dimly lit place.

The service is fantastic, there are so many waiters and waitresses, that the plates are taken away and the next course would be put in front of you before you could say “Jack Robinson”.

The food was good, certainly better than airline food, but quantity wise, you got less. We did get a complimentary soup, small in quantity, about two table spoons, which started the meal.

The first round came with about five Dim Sum type offerings, spring rolls, a green jelly with coconut cream topping, a banana paste wrapped in a banana leaf, and something else again wrapped in a banana leaf. 

As always, I hardly ever know what is served to me on my plate, I eat it and wait until I have digested it before I ask what it is. 


PhotoReading. Affirmation and Acknowledgment – English

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On the PhotoReading course I do give a card which gives the Affirmation and Acknowledgment that we say to ourselves going into the page turning process, and what we say on finishing the process, talking and giving instructions to our inner mind.

Just to remind the participants on the recent PhotoReading course here in Bangalore, I will reproduce the Affirmation and Acknowledgment :-


As I PhotoRead my concentration is absolute.

All that I PhotoRead makes a lasting impression on my inner mind and is available to me.

I desire the information in this book (name the book), to accomplish my goal of (name your goal).


I acknowledge all feelings evoke by this experience and allow my inner mind and body to process them.

I’m curious in how many ways I will notice this information supporting me. 



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                                                                  PhotoReading course I do give a card which gives the Affirmation and Acknowledgment that we say to ourselves going into the page turning process, and what we say on finishing the process, talking and giving instructions to our inner mind.

Just to remind the participants on the recent PhotoReading course here in Bangalore, I will reproduce the AFFERMAZIONI  and RICONOSCIMENTO :-


Mentre fotoleggo la mia concentrazione è assoluta.

Tutto quello che fotoleggo crea un’impressione duratura sulla mia mente subconscia ed è a mia disposizione.

Desidero le informazioni contenute in questo libro …….. per realizzare il mio obiettivo di ………


Riconosco tutte le sensazioni evocate da questa esperienza e permetto alla mia mente subconscia ed al mio corpo di elaborarle.

Sono curioso di sapere in quanti modi mi renderó conto che queste informazioni mi saranno di aiuto.


PhotoReading. BİLDİRİM & ONAYLAMA – Turkish

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BİLDİRİM & ONAYLAMA For my Turkish friends. 

                                                                  PhotoReading course I do give a card which gives the Affirmation and Acknowledgment that we say to ourselves going into the page turning process, and what we say on finishing the process, talking and giving instructions to our inner mind.

Just to remind the participants on the recent PhotoReading course here in Bangalore, I will reproduce the BİLDİRİM and ONAYLAMA :-


PhotoReading yaparken mutlak konsantrasyona sahibim.

PhotoReading ile okuduğum her şey içsel zihnimde kalıcı hale geliyor ve istediğim an ona ulaşabiliyorum.

Bu kitaptaki (kitap adı) bilginin bu amacıma (amacı belirleyin) ulaşmamı sağlamasını istiyorum.


Bu deneyim ile gelen tüm hisleri kabul ediyorum ve içsel zihnimin ve vücudumun bu bilgiyi işlemesine izin veriyorum.

Beni destekleyen bu bilgiyi ne gibi yollarla fark edeceğimi merak ediyorum.


PhotoReading Bangalore. Day 3 The End.

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The last day, bringing the whole mind system of PhotoReading together.

                                                      PhotoReading free of charge (FOC).

All left happy that they had had a great course, and it was certainly a great course for me. Great participants, good company.

                        Mind Map course has been arranged, which was to be for 4 or 5 participants, but as the news spread, seem to be nearer thirty.

It will be held in the hotel I am staying in, named aptly Stay & Work.


Participants taking about their Mind Maps of the four books they have been Photoreading.

PhotoReading Bangalore Day 2

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Over fifty participants on the PhotoReading course could be a challenge, but I am really enjoying their company. they are eager to learn, to try new ideas, to experience and embrace the absorption of words at 20,000 – 30,000 WPM.

Now that they have been with me on this course, they can come back on any further PhotoReading course free of charge to practice and update themselves. We are negotiating coming back to India in October, so sign up now.

It is amazing that Tom has traveled all the way from the UK to attend my course, and also people from all over India too.


None seemed phased by the video recording equipment and crew, which films every move I make, and often hovering over their shoulders as they turn the pages over. Leaving the recording in the office in Neoway will help them review the course.

                                                   Mind Maps. Already we have a good number booked to join.

No I do work.

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My work takes me to exotic places, and Bangalore is another on my list, I am loving the scenes I am experiencing, quite different to when I was last in India many years ago.

The people are so friendly, as I witnessed when over fifty people filed into the Capital Hotel for the start of the PhotoReading course Friday night. This is what I am here for, not sightseeing, not as a tourist, but as a trainer, a guide, and it is what I love.

On the way to the hotel, I see places and sights, including the little taxis, which have various names in different countries, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Put Put’s’ and Tuk Tuk’s, after the sound they make as they whiz through the traffic, and India they are called autos or rickshaws. The old Ambassador car seen in the UK when I was younger still runs around. Marvelous.


This is the third attempt at posting this blog today, as I keep loosing power, either the internet or the electricity supply, just as I posted to the net. Are the gods against me?


Infinitea Tastes

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Anyone reading my writing will think that all I do is eat. No, I do work too.

Today is day one of the PhotoReading course here in Bangalore, I am about to prepare myself, pressing my suit, cleaning my shoes, ironing my shirt, getting my course aids together. Just as much work goes on prior to the start of the course as does in the presenting of the course itself.

I love my job, but I have to eat, and Ashlesh and Monica have really looked after me.

I was taken to the Samarkand Restaurant, Registan Square in the Gem Plaza, Infantry Road, Bangalore, for food that has its’ roots in Central-Asia, Samarkand, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan. Though a heavy wooden door, opened by a traditionally dressed guard of the region, we entered a dimly lit restaurant, with low tables.

The menu was in the form of a four page newspaper, the front page giving information of the origin and style of restaurant, the inner and back pages listing the menu as news items, with interesting snippets of information of health, food and culture of the region.

A small starter of colourful sticks and a creamy cheese dip arrived, the sticks hard as rock, followed by stuffed mushrooms with a variety of spices, not too hot or spicy.

The main course was ghost Ki Dum Biriyani, cuts of baby lamb, cooked with the finest basmati rice, “Dum” style. This is the rice and lamb, cooked in a container covered with a pastry, which is cut open at the table. The lamb was so tender, and the flavours mingled together. Wonderful.

We have infinitea tastes available to us.   

PhotoReading – What is it?

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What is the first lesson that is dropped as we progress through the educational system?


We are taught by our mothers, fathers, guardians, prior to going to school, sounding letters, words, sentences, “the cat sat on the mat”. We then go through the process of school.

They teach us to point at the word, sound the words out, and read out loud. Once we have learnt to read possibly at the age of 6 or 7, we are told to stop using our fingers as a guide, and stop reading out loud, unless to humiliate us in front of our classmates.

Do they teach us any more methods or reading skills? No. Yet they continue to educate us in science, history, geography, mathematics, etc, for which we need to gain information from books.

There are so many ways we can help in reading skills, but the population is not shown or taught. Reading is the one subject or ability we need on a daily basis.

Enter PhotoReading, and the associated skills taught in the course.


PhotoReading is not just turning the pages over at one page per second, there is a process we go through, this is the Whole Mind System.

There are five steps we go through, Prepare, Preview, PhotoRead, Post View, Activate, and then we can Rapid Read.

The two and a half day course teaches you each of these steps, and to experience them first hand.

We ask that you bring with you five (5) books, each of about 300 pages.

Four books will be on a single subject you know nothing about, but would like to know about, say the Kings and Queens of England, 1492 – 1556. I know you are interested, yes?

The fifth book will be on a subject you know about and you have also read the book. We ask that this book is not on NLP or related subjects, as many people who come on the PhotoReading course have a knowledge of the subject matter. 

During the course we will br Photoreading  these books and more using the whole system.

This information, the reading, the books, will go into the inner mind, the sub conscious mind, and not the conscious mind, it is only after we have completed the whole mind system, the steps mentioned above, is it that the information is placed in the conscious mind, when you will become aware of the information you seek, the purpose of your PhotoReading.

Will you be consciously aware of the whole book?

You will still read in the old sense, but only information relevant to your purpose, to bring it into the conscious mind, you will use other methods too to achieve this activation.

If you are a student, sure you will still study, complete your courses. But, the books you have been PhotoReading at the beginning of the course, will be in the inner mind and will be available to you. Study is quicker and so much more enjoyable. What would it be like to have read the reading list before the first class?

PhotoReading is a process, and you will practice it. Like riding a bike, the more you practice the easier and better it becomes, you do not have to think about doing it, you have the balance and power.

For a quick history of PhotoReading read the blog PhotoReading – A history. (click).

Read about a recent course in Italy and some pictures see the blog PhotoReading in Milan. (click).

I am looking forward to meeting the people here in Bangalore this weekend to go through the process.

Perhaps Monday we will run a special Mind Maps course. Check the web site of in Bangalore, India.                                           

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