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The British Flag or Union Jack

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As in a previous article where I discussed what is Great Britain, or the UK, (click to read), so the British flag is made-up of parts, three.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, consists of four (4) countries, being, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, each having their own national flag.



      Northern Ireland         


The three flags of Scotland, England and Northern Ireland are overladed to produce the Union Jack.  The Welsh national flag not part of the Union Jack. It was first used in 1801 after the Union of Ireland and Great Britain.

The Flag must be flown the correct way as shown here with the flag pole on the left (note white bands):-

                     Flag pole      correct way      incorrect way

The term “Union Jack” could be derived from the small flag that flies from the bow of a ship, on a flag pole called the Jack Staff.

The flag has been called the Union Flag, and todays common usage uses Union Flag.


English or British – Confused? I’ll explain.

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Whilst travelling and training, I will refer to myself as British, but when I have translators, the translation will be made as that I am English. This is also true, I am both English and British. Further confusion comes about when I say I come from the UK or the United Kingdom.

Let me explain.

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NLP Practitioner PhotoReading and Mind Maps Courses

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Today I had a telephone conversation with a gentleman in the UK about taking/participating in NLP courses, and the vast numbers of trainers offering trainings. Could I advise him? How he could become good at NLP? what was the correct path to take?

My strategy has been to go to the originators, the developers, those that hold the intellectual rights to the technologies I want to learn. See articles of my journey of learning, click. I do not want to learn from someone who has read a book, heard from someone else, or who has plagiarised someone else’s work. I respect others knowledge, give credit when required, and seek official accreditation to teach their work as a licensed or certified trainer. 

I told him that if he could, why not attend a course given by Richard Bandler himself on NLP, there would be many hundreds of people on the course, which the gentleman did not like, he wanted a smaller participant number.

Why not come to Turkey? The courses are much cheaper. Accommodation is very much cheaper and flights are very cheap.

What a great idea. Come to Turkey to attend the next Certified, Society of NLP Practitioner course, given by my good self, here in Istanbul.

I am running a number of courses in the next few weeks, in conjunction with NLPGrup.

      Society of NLP Practitioner        9 July – 15 July      
      PhotoReading                              30 June – 1 July                        

      Mind Maps                                    8 July                           

Others are following over the next few months.

All courses are given in English, I speak only English, and there is translation into Turkish.

Call me on Skype VoiP,  contact name NLPNOW,

My Turkish mobile number (Turkey) 05384068230

Email me, or visit my website

Contact NLPGrup on (Turkey) 0212 31 77 77, or visit their website

Another Day, another Breakfast – 2

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Thinking about how we eat our meals the wrong way round, (click to read), I try to follow my own advice, and have good breakfast every day, and cut down, eat less in the evening, but this is difficult when you see wonderful desserts on the menu, chocolate gateau, ice cream, cheese and biscuits.

Yes I know I should eat fruits. But I am a fresh meat man.

Many of my breakfasts are taken in different hotels around the world, and I find it quite interesting to experience the cultures and what is offered in the different countries. Each country have their own traditions of what is to be eaten as the first meal of the day.

In England we would have an English breakfast, consisting of egg, bacon, mushrooms, fried tomatoes, sausage, backed beans, maybe black pudding, fried bread. We would also have a cereal, cornflakes with milk, ending with toast and marmalade or jam, washed down with and English cup of tea or coffee with milk.

                                                        /images/71606-62901/bfast3coffe.JPG”>     /images/71606-62901/bfast1.JPG”> Cooked meat?

Turkey, will serve an egg, scrambled or hard boiled, some form of processed meat in the form of a sausage served in a tomato sauce, slices of cucumber, cheese and more processed meat and olives, black or green. There always seems to be a French loaf and jam. To wash this down, there is the tea, Turkish tea, so strong that you have to water it down with 50% tea and 50% hot water.  


Otherwise it is a glass of tea and a bread roll sometimes containing a little amount of cheese or black paste, or just a simit bread ring covered with sesseme seeds. Very dry.


Each culture has its’ own traditions, ways of eating and doing things. It is fun to experience these, but gets very confusing when entering hotel breakfast rooms, working out how and what to eat.

Another Day, another Breakfast – 1

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It is said that the first meal of the day, the breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

I think they are correct, but how many of us go without breakfast? We seem to put the priority of meals on their head, by putting the importance of the best meal as the evening meal.

During a normal night in our sleep, the body shuts down, and the plasticity of the brain, the learning of the brain takes place. The body does not need much fuel, (for the food intake, what we eat is fuel for our body), to operate during sleep. When we wake-up, we need the fuel to kick start our day, to run our body.

What do we do? We have no fuel intake, no breakfast, no boosters to get us going, perhaps just a coffee to give us that high of caffeine, thinking thatn s good. Then at lunch time we may have a sandwich, a light snack, to see us through the afternoon. In the evening we perhaps go out to meet with friends over a meal, perhaps not meeting until 8pm, and sit down to a three or four course meal, a soup or starter, a main meal, and then a dessert, all sold to us by an eager waiter, trying to get our bill (invoice) as high as possible, as the restaurant is there to make money.

The undigested food sits in our stomach waiting to be broken down into the chemicals needed to power our body and brain, which it does whilst we sleep, the very time the chemicals and nutrients are not needed. So we store them in the body, leading to high cholesterol, fats, heart disease, diabetes and indigestion.

NLP Master Practitioner – Istanbul

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Sunday saw the end of the NLP Master Practitioner Course here in a very hot Istanbul. Not only was the weather hot, but we lost electricity for the whole day, as workers dug up the street below our window.

It is always sad to end a nine day course, as the participants share a lot of experiences together as they learn and make any changes they wanted. As always people took a time to leave the building, like loosing an old friend.
                                                      NLP, remove a deep seated phobia.


Toothpicks Have Worth

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Even a toothpick has worth.

                                                        BATNA, I had studied at Harvard Business School. Yes I have been to Harvard to study.

I am pleased with the outcome as were the participants, smiling all over their faces with the success they have achieved.

I will still need my toothpick to keep awake, so mind will have worth too. 

Spoon Bending

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Istanbul – Too Hot

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I am in Istanbul this week, giving a NLP Master Practitioner course and three sessions of NLP to participants learning English. This means I am in-front of the participants from 9am till 7pm, with under an hours break for lunch.

This is enough to make anyone tired, but on top of this the weather is so hot, above 30 I believe. Add to this thirteen people in an enclosed space makes it even warmer, too much for the air conditioning to cope well.

I have now resorted to wearing sandals, and yesterday I got myself a pair of shorts, now the participants can see my short, fat, hairy legs. What a sight I must look, but I must keep cool, and none of the women wear socks and have bare legs, therefore I too can have. Equal rights for men.

Last night after finishing with the English language participants at 7pm, I fell into a bean bag seat we have in the classroom, just to rest my legs and aching back. This next thing I remember was suddenly waking-up half an hour later seeing pink every where. Where was I, for a fleeting moment I had no idea where I was. For another fifteen minutes I lay on the floor wrapped in the bean bag, unable to move, the heat had drained my energy.

                                                      Oh Poo Poo. (click to read) That’s me. I will need to go home, to a cooler UK. If only I could.

Internet access is an issue for me at the moment. It is difficult to find the time or an access point, as I am working, preparing other work, people wanting my time, so my blogs are suffering. Apologies to those who follow daily. I will take time for myself to relax, unwind, rest and get some sleep.

Turkish Airlines TK1992 — A Chocolate Delight

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Another flight, the same food.

On this flight, I had the choice of fish or pasta. There was no choice.

I opened the pasta to find a crusted offering, but the taste was better than the looks.

The salad revealed chopped peppers that my body does not tolerate well, so no problem.


The dessert offered a better offering, chocolate cake.

Now I was happy.