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I Love You Phillip Group

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I love my job.

Travelling to many countries after being invited to deliver courses, presentations and shows, meeting so many people as we travel a journey together.
Travelling back to towns and cities to deliver more courses, I often find the same faces sitting in the venue, and this is especially so in the southern city of Gaziantep .
Arriving at Gaziantep airport from Istanbul to be met by Mahpare Kileci of GAP Danismanlik  (Gap Consultancy), the course promoter and organiser, I was met by a “Hello Phillip” by a person who had been on the same aircraft and with whom I had worked with years before. 
From the airport we travelled to a town center hotel for meal being held for visiting Italian artists, and was greeted by more people who I knew, such friendly people.
But my being in Gaziantep is not social, but to give a talk to an association of Human Resource (HR) workers and to give training courses, and sure enough, previous participants were there, ready and able to relearn and to assist me.
But the best for me was to be invited to a special club with special people and a loverly meal.
The club was founded by previous participants for social evenings and to meet to practise what we had learned together, the I LOVE YOU PHILLIP club.

I Love You Phillip Club Gaziantep

I love my job.

Oil spill: Obama to ‘make BP pay’, chunking down

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Further research to my article “Oil spill: Obama to make BP Pay” I asked to look at all the facts before coming to a conclusion.

With limited time I looked deeper into the oil spill in the Mexican Gulf, in NLP terms , I chunked down, what else did I need to know, what was I not being told? I needed to go “below the surface level“.
What about the other parties involved in the project of abstracting the oil from deep below the sea’s surface?
Straight away I found that the project is not wholly owned by BP, 25% is owned by Anadarko, which is now moving all blame to BP. I wonder if they still want their share potential profits?

Are they being held responsible?
A little more research told me that oil rig is owned by Transocean Ltd and leased to BP, and there is a further sub-contractor named as Halliburton who was responsible for capping the oil well with cement. Another company, the US company Cameron, built and supplied the failed blow-out preventer.

Are they being held responsible?

I still do not know all the facts, in fact, does anyone? I do not know the US law. I do not know what terms of contract and responsibilities that were entered into by the companies. I am not taking sides.

Obama never mentioned the above companies in his “speech to the nation”, only attacking BP, and that is only what the population hear and thus believe.

So what are we being told by our governments, our leaders, the media, teachers, families and friends?

What are we to believe?

Oil spill: Obama to ‘make BP pay’

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I was awoken in the middle of the night here in Gaziantep, Southern Turkey, and listened to the speech made by the American President Barak Obama from the Oval Office about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, where he said he will “make BP pay”.

I have been away from the UK for a number of weeks now, and have not had access to any British news media, only Turkish, which I do not understand as I do not speak the language, and the Arab based news channel, Al Jazeera. It had been the first time I had listened to Al Jazeera, as I had presupposed that the news would be biased toward the Middle East affairs but found it not to be the case.
Now, listening to the Al Jazeera news I followed the unfolding story of the oil spill in the Mexican Gulf, and heard how the massive oil company BP had lost an oil drilling rig due to an explosion, the loss of life, and how the well deep below the surface was leaking oil, threatening the coast and wildlife of the USA.
I also followed the work to stop the flow of oil. Attempts to cap or seal the well that failed, the attempts to stop the oil reaching the coast polluting and killing wildlife, and I only heard on the news of Al Jazeera one name, one company, that of BP, working on the project.
But during the weeks I have also heard how BP has been attacked, especially from the USA, for not employing better engineering techniques, not installing better safety measures for incidents such as the one unfolding.  
I do not wish to take sides as BP is no longer British, it changed its’ name from British Petroleum to BP some ten years ago, and is a multi national company, it is said to be 40% owned by the USA.
It came as a surprise to listen to Obama in his speech saying that at the beginning he had appointed an American official to oversee or manage the oil spill, that he had organised the booms to soak-up the oil before it reached the beaches, that he had organised scientists and engineers to cap the damaged well, that he had arranged for those suffering through lack of work to be compensated financially, that he the American Federal Government had done this and done that. 
There was no mention of BP and the work they had done, which is contrary to what was being said on Al Jazeera, they mentioned nothing about the American Federal Government in the first few days.
I have heard BP referred to many times by the American politicians as British Petroleum, as if attacking the British countries.
We must listen to the language people talk, how we are influenced by one speech, one persons opinion, a governments wish to influence its’ population, how one nation can be set against another, how one set of people can be set against another.
In his speech Obama accused solely BP of being at total fault, yet there were four other companies involved on the rig, and later in his speech he admitted that one of his own government agencies was corrupt and failed to oversee the laws. 
Obama in his speech said it was the America Government agencies that was doing all the work, inferring BP was doing nothing.
NLP is all about language and communication, how we influence ourselves and others and visa versa.
In the last few weeks being in Turkey, I have listened to many people talking about the Gazza situation and seen and heard the protests happening in the main meeting place in Istanbul, Taksim Square, and wondered was I been given all the facts from both sides of the fence, or was I only being fed, as the rest of the protesters, only what we were supposed to hear to meet a certain end.
I have a plea to you, please look at all the facts from all sides before making a choice. 
Even then, are we being misled?

Fishguard Harbour, Wales

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It has been a long journey today, from London to Fishguard in Wales, some eight hours. My train from London was delayed, and we missed the connecting train out of Cardiff to Fishguard. With only 16 passengers wanting to go to Fishguard, the train company, kindly supplied a mini bus, for the passengers to complete the journey and to catch the ferry to Ireland.

Unfortunately, I was stuck in the center of the mini bus, and had no real view of the passing countryside, but the smells of freshly cut hay, farm animals and fresh air took me back to my younger years when my mother and father took me on holidays in the wonderful country of Wales.
Now in the ferry port of Fishguard, I can relax in my room of the Fishguard Bay Hotel, with the french windows open, I can stand on my balcony and look out over the quiet waters.

Now London cannot compete with this for relaxation.

It always rains in London

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It always rains in London.

ALWAYS“. See NLP Meta Modelpresuppositions click.

It always rains in London“,  is a saying I often hear on my journeys around the world. But is it true?

Checking the annual rainfall for London and cities I visit on a regular basis gives the following results :-

                London            585mm        or    23″
                Istanbul           843.9mm     or    33″ 
                Milan                985mm        or    39″
                Colombo        2400mm       or    94″
                Penang           2670mm       or   105″

Perhaps the difference between London and the other cities is that when rain falls it falls very lightly in a form known as drizzle, compared say to Penang were the rain is very heavy, with very large raindrops.

The drizzle in London can fall or last for a long time, compared to Penang when the downpour will be over in a few minutes.

The climate of London is temperate, with temperatures in the summer moderate having only a few days heat waves, and in winter not having very low temperatures, again having only a few days of freezing weather. Compared to Penang’s climate which is tropical all year round, and having a monsoon season of high rainfall. This results in the ground staying wet in London for a long time, compared to Penang where the wet ground soon dries out as the rainwater evaporates to to the high temperature.

I walk every day in London, and it is rare that I need an umberella or coat to keep me dry.

So next time someone says to you, “It always rains in London“, please reply, “Always? How do you know?“, and quote the above statistics.

Oh, it rained yesterday.

Only six days late

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I am now in Istanbul, a hotel I have stayed at many times, the Seminal Otel near Taksim Square. Although they have put some blue lights on the front of the hotel, refurbished the room I am in, it is the same hotel.

After the grounding, the suspension of flights in Europe, I was able to get a British Airways flight out of Heathrow. I was in Club Class, unusual for me, but there was a spare seat next to me, so the flight was not 100% full.

The delay has left me 6 days late starting the Society of NLP Practitioner course, so I expect that we may have lost some of the participants, which is a pity, but something which cannot be helped.

My visit will enable me to catch-up with old friends and make new. I know there will be much news to hear and share.

So a new day starts, and with a smile on my face and happiness in my heart, I begin the first day of the rest of my life, even after only 5 hours sleep.


I was asked What is a Phobia

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I was recently asked by a schoolboy who is doing a school project, “What is a phobia?“.

I publish my answer as others have asked similar questions, and it may help you with my way of explaining what phobias are.

I have written other articles on the subject within the blog, and you can see a list of phobias by clicking on this links

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or visit the web sites,

What are phobias?

Phobias are irrational fears that have got out of hand, and in most cases are learned.

There are only two fears that the human is naturally fearful of, the fear of load noises and falling, everything else is learned.

The brain, may be given a situation that it has experienced before, maybe a sound, a vision, a feeling, and it then it searches in its’ memory bank for previous experiences to make an understanding of what is happening. We call this a “transderivational search”.

If you like, a transderivational search is something like this. All that you have learned during your life is placed in a filing cabinet, be learnings or experiences, visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, olfactory or gustatory, (V,A,K,O or G) you have a filing cabinet in your brain, it is your memory.

Now if you experience something, the information you are experiencing, say a photograph of me, the eyes pass this image from the eyes to your visual cortex at the back of the brain.

At this stage you have no conscious knowledge of what is being seen, the processing is at a subconscious level. The visual cortex says “what is this I see, I do not know what it is”, so it goes on a transderivational search, looking into the memory banks the filing cabinet, looking  for a match, the new image is has just received and one that it has stored.

Perhaps finds a visual memory of say an elephant, does it match? No. Perhaps a gorilla, does it match? No. It goes on searching until it finds a near match, and then says, “It is this”. The brain makes a generalisation. This generalised match is most likely is a near fit, not an exact to that you are experiencing, after all nothing is the same twice.

Now, when a person goes into a situation, the brain does a transderivational search, finds the nearest match in the memory banks, and says this happened last time, this is what I experienced before, therefore the same outcome will happen again.

That last subconscious outcome, what happen before will happen again we can agree is not true, as nothing needs to happen the same way twice.

So a person stands on a tall building, the brain takes in all the stimulus, all the information from what is happening, does the transderivational search, and says, “I was not happy last time, therefore I will not be happy this time.

If the last situation or activity produced the state of not being happy, the brain could now go into what is called a “fight or flight state, something that is a hangover from our caveman days, and the brain issues the instruction for the body to produce chemicals to either fight the situation or run away from the situation. Such drugs as adrenaline.

The drugs gives us certain feelings as they wash through our body, and some people do not like these feelings, so the brain goes further into the “flight or flight”, and creates a phobia.

The next time we have or do the same experience, the last feeling created by the “fight of flight” will be remember whilst going on the transderivational search, and will build on top of that last bad feeling, that last fear, making it worse.

So a phobia is a learned state, and it is “anchored ” to fire the response once a situation or stimulus is presented. The more the response or state of the phobia is recreated or happens, the more the brain says it will always happen. This is called “conditioning”, as with Pavlov and his dogs.

Why do we get them?

We get phobias and fears to protect us. It is a natural state, some people love the adrenaline rush, some people hate them, it is how our brains are wired.

It is good to have a fear, say if standing on top of a high rise tower block, and there are no safety barriers, it would be stupid to hang off the edge. But, if there is a safety barrier, why have a fear?

If that natural fear gets out of hand, it becomes a phobia.

What effect do they have on us?

A phobia will stop a person doing something, enter into a situation. There will be a panic feeling, fainting, a state of having to get away from the situation. A “flaming phobic” will often have a high pulse rate, go red in the face, hyper ventilate, and sweat.

A phobia is very debilitating, stopping people doing things, perhaps leaving their house, maybe going shopping, and driving a car.

What are the common phobias?

There are so many phobias that I have come across whilst teaching how to remove phobias around the world, the fear of spiders, snakes, flying, open spaces, closed spaces, public speaking, meeting people.

All these can be treated.

Common treatments are such as “Flooding”. This is where a phobic person is gradually introduced to the situation or the item, that they are phobic about. For example, a person was shown on TV with a fear of heights. They were slowly taken up higher and higher structures, until they were desensitised; actually they were not cured as they were only taken up to half the height the fire engines’ reach of its snorkel. Flooding takes a long time, and the client experiences horrid feelings as they learn to control the phobia.

There is “hypnotherapy”, where hypnosis is used, often to go back to recover the initial cause of the phobia, and change the outcome, the memory. Many sessions are required.

There is “CBT ”, “Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which works with changing if you like how the client reacts to the situation.

There are many more “cures” for phobias.

I use a method called NLP , which is very quick, re-patterning the brain, the outcome. I can and have taken phobias away in minutes. And, it is long lasting, forever.

There are many ways of dealing with phobias. Which one is correct? Who knows, they all work. I think it is down to the belief system of the client and the ability of the practitioner dealing with the client.

What often upsets me is that a person, who treats people, the practitioner, perhaps with flooding or hypnotherapy, will often dismiss any other forms of treatment as being hogwash, not any good. This is stupid.

I say, use whatever works, and if it does work, good.

But I still say, my system is the best, as I use whatever works.

Click here to read about some of the clients I have worked with, and references. Should you wish to see me, we will have one session only, for as long as it takes, and I will come to you, as long as you cover my travel.

Istanbul’daki NLP Kursu icin Iyi Haber

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                                                                                                                                                   English version 

“Eyjafjallajoekull yanardağının patlaması sonucu Avrupa’nın büyük bir bölümünde altı gündür süren uçuş yasakları sonrasında, hava sahası yeniden ulaşıma açıldı.

Binlerce insan hala gideceği yere ulaşamadı, eve, tatile, işe… Hava ulaşımı sisteminin tamamen normale dönmesinin bugünden, 21 Nisan 2010’dan itibaren 10 gün daha sürebileceği söyleniyor.

Açılan ilk uçuşlardan, Londra – Istanbul uçuşuna bir yer alabildim ve Society of NLP’nin Practitioner kursu Istanbul’a ulaşır ulaşmaz başlayacak.

Detaylı bilgi için  +902123617777 nolu numaradan NLPGrup ‘u arayabilirsiniz.

Good news for NLP Course in Istanbul

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                                                                                                                                                                   Türkçe versiyonu

After six days of flights being suspended and grounded in major parts of Europe, air transport is to start again as a result of the ash cloud from the Eyjafjallajoekull eruption .

Hundred of thousands of people are still in the wrong place, not at home, not on holiday, not at work, and it is said that it could take up to ten more days from today 21st April 2010 to get the whole air transport system back to normal.

I have been able to obtain a seat on one of the early flights from London to Istanbul, and the planned Society of NLP Practitioner course  will start as soon as I arrive.

Please contact NLPGrup  +902123617777 for more information.