PhotoReading in Milano 2012

Milan PhotoReading

Milan PhotoReading

Eighteen people attended the PhotoReading course  in the Golf Residence Hotel, Opera, Milano.Coach4Life

Three wonderful days, where each participant brought into the course five books, each of 300 pages, and during the weekend they got through six books, plus articles, plus ate and slept, plus listen to me.
I think some of them came in on the first day thinking that it would be impossible to absorb such an amount of information, especially from four of their books that they had never read and did not even know the subject.
What a surprise then for many, when on the last afternoon, they gave a presentation to their fellow participants about those four books that they had no knowledge of on the first day.
It was a joy for me to stand back and listen to them talking and answering questions with such authority, and those listening were amazed at the knowledge being shown.
My only problem was my flight that evening was once again delayed leaving Milan’s Linate airport, meaning a late arrival back in the UK. But it was worth it especially as I read this on Facebook :-
Ecco il gruppo di Photoreading! 

18 nuovi Fotolettori che hanno assorbito e “cantato” il contenuto di ben 5 libri….un totale di circa 1500 pagine in 3 giorni. 
Compliments and greetings to our great trainer Phillip Holt for his performance and hard work!”

    or translated
Here is the Group of Photoreading! 
18 new Fotolettori that have absorbed and “sang” the contents of as many as 5 books …. a total of approximately 1500 pages in 3 days. Compliments and greetings to our great trainer Phillip Holt for his performance and hard work!