The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Barge

A quick bus ride from Kingston upon Thames to another town downstream on the River Thames, took me to Richmond upon Thames.
Looking down from the old Richmond Bridge to the boats moored on the banks of the Thames, I was taken aback at the sight of the Royal Barge, being prepared for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee river pageant to be held on June 3rd.
The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Barge at Richmond upon Thames.
Costing £1m, this 28.6m (94ft) barge called Gloriana, powered by 18 oarsmen, will head the river pageant from Wandsworth to Tower Bridge, leading it is estimated 1,000 boats carrying some 20,000 people. It has been said it will take one and a half hours for the pageant to pass any one point.
Covered, in parts, with gold leaf, the vessel sparkled in the sunlight.
The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Barge showing the Royal Crest.  
The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Barge showing the stern crest. The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Barge showing the gold leaf lion.

I wish boat I once owned, Mr Toots, had looked like The Royal Barge.

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