Global Tech really do think I am an idiot.

I just received another telephone call, but this time the number read 02080997526 (UK London telephone number), and yes the person had an Indian accent.

He introduced himself as Mike, oh I have heard that name before, and this time he said he was from Global Tech.
Then he went on about how my computer may be infected by a virus, and could I get on my computer and he would prove to me that it had been infected.
Mike, you have called me three times in the last week. You are not British, you are from India and and still in India, you are a fraudster a scammer, trawling through the telephone books, telephoning people who you can convince there is something wrong with their computer when it is OK, then take their money.
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Just by buying another internet telephone number does not stop people knowing who you are.
If you have been a victim in the UK, you can report the incident to Action Fraud.

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