Further to the Cambridge Road Tower Block Fire

A comment was made on the 8th August 2011 about the article and film of the fire in the Madingley tower block of the Cambridge Road Estate in Kingston upon Thames which happened July 2010 (click to see videos)
which said :-

its still all burnt out like that today, they havent done anything to it”.

It is now over a year since the fire, and work is progressing on repairing the block, and it has been for some months. The devastation caused by the fire, is obviously going to take time to put right.

Madingley Tower Block, Cambridge Road Estate, Kingston upon Thames
Madingley Tower Block, Cambridge Road Estate, Kingston upon Thames
The action of one person has caused so much in the lives of not only the families that used to live there but the whole community.
The cost of rebuilding the tower block for and the rehousing of the residents has to be paid by the council tax payers of the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, by the people who pay to insure their own homes as the insurance companies raise there rates to cover their costs.
The troubles that are affecting London and other cities of the UK, the rioting, the burning of buildings, the ransacking of goods from shops that have been broken into by a mindless few, will take a longtime to resolve and put right, and at a cost that will effect us all.
click to see videos of the Madingley Tower Blog on fire

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