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The 5th radio interview in the series

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In todays interview with Ashford Radio Publishing, Phillip Holt talks about how to become great, the best at what you can achieve, and gives quotes from the books of Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers, Blink, What the dog Saw Tipping Point, and Matthew Syed’s book Bounce.

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Echinopsis Oxygona finished

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The full moon on 12th August 2011 influencing nature

Yesterday I wrote about the flowering cactus, (which I have been informed is a ECHINOPSIS OXYGONA), on how for the last two months on the night of the full moon, the cactus produced a wonderful large bloom, and that in the same short time, the bloom would close and die away.

Today this is the bloom.
Echinopsis Oxygona
It was such a wonderful and beautiful flower.      
Echinopsis Oxygona

This experience reminds me of relationships, some are like a rose that lasts for a long time, some are like the cactus flower, short. Some relationships have something special, like some flowers have a wonderful fragrance, a rose, lily or jasmine bloom, yet some have a pungent odor, whilst others have nothing.
Whether a flower or relationship lasts a short time or long time, whether it gives that something extra  special, it will have had some influence upon us and stay with us for the rest of our lives. 
Like the moon influences the cactus, at this time I personally have no idea how, let our own experiences have a positive influence upon us, leaving behind wonderful memories, perhaps never happen to us again.