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How do they know?

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Today is halfway through the moon cycle, that is it is a full moon. It is also halfway through for Muslim’s the holy month of Ramadan, as their Islamic calendar is based upon the phases of the moon, as is the Chinese calendar.

The moon has a very big influence upon the earth and life upon it, from the weather, the tides of our seas and oceans, animals, plants, our health, beliefs and not forgetting werewolves.
In my home in Norbiton Hall, Kingston upon Thames, there are plants, and one in particular a cactus on occasions produces a spectacular flower on a long stem which grows in a couple of days, and fades in a similar time.
Over the last two months, a couple of days prior to the full moon, the cactus has had a flowering shoot or shoots, and on the eve of the full moon, the flower opens.
Three blooms in July 2011 at full moon.
Echinopsis Oxygona flowering cactus

Echinopsis Oxygona flowering cactus
Single bloom in August 2011 at full moon.
How does it know when to open?
How do the turtles know when the moon is full to hatch, burrow themselves to the surface of the sandy beach, to then scramble out to a life at sea?
What power, what forces are the animals and plants being influenced by?
Echinopsis Oxygona flowering cactus
Close-up of cactus bloom
Why are we as humans not consciously aware of these powers?
Life has so many mysteries.
If you know the name of this cactus please let me know.