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Up close to nature

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It is always fantastic to watch wildlife in their natural setting, and although there should never be full trust between the animals and humans, some trust and curiosity between the two I think should be welcomed.

I recently had the privilege to witness a family of foxes sharing food in the English countryside.
A family of foxes eating
It was after they had finished eating that I was able to experience looking into the eyes of the younger fox. There seemed to be a trust between us, I could be part of its world for just a moment, not to get too close, but just sharing a moment in time.
A young fox makes friends with Phillip Holt
As we relaxed in each others presence, a sense of calm flowed over me.
A young fox makes friends with Phillip Holt
But, it was all over so quickly, and the young fox left to join his family.
See a video of foxes, click.