A secret is a secret

We all have secrets, some dark secrets, some secrets that are the keys to wealth, power, knowledge, some are only thoughts, some just fears, secrets that we want no other person to know.

We arrange our lives to hide our secrets, taking roads where our secrets will not manifest themselves, where others will not behold that which they should not or could not comprehend.

Sometimes these secrets will be brought to the surface by circumstances beyond our control, meaning we have to face maybe nightmares, or to give away the information which could be worth more than money could buy, bring upon us embarrassment, loss of power, loss of dignity, allowing others to gain.

Sometimes the secrets are stored below our conscious understanding, hidden away in the metaphors of our sleep, only to be manifested in our dreams resulting in our abrupt awakening with beating hearts and often shouting out our fears our secrets.

Sometimes our secrets do not hold us back, but will help us help other people who hold the same or similar secret. Our knowledge of how our own secret has steered our life, taken us on a path perhaps avoiding a deep belief or fear, that would cause anguish and possibly pain, or a path of knowledge and wealth.

Knowing what other people may be going through hiding their own secret, can help the holder of a secret to unlock the doors letting those taking the same pathway, to understand that nothing is a secret, and there is an answer to their fears and pain, there is a pathway to joy, happiness and wealth.

Yet those who offer the keys to the doors to release the secret, so that others may face their own world, may not have found the keys to unlock their own secret, and they still want that hidden from those who could bring further pain and suffering, they are happy with their secret.

Often these people with the key, have to confront their secret fear, their nightmare, their knowledge, so to fulfill the desires of others, knowing that once their secret is revealed, they could be held up for ridicule, or loss of face, wealth.

Yet these people with the key are willing to be ridiculed so others who may prosper, gain their desires, reach their goals, sometimes with the vain hope that their secret can be again hidden away in the vaults of lost memories.

Sometimes, the people who have been helped by the key holders of a secret, wish to 

burrow deep below the surface of those who helped, to inform others of the secret held by those trying to exist in a world where the secret could do harm, they are willing to dig down, to bring to the surface those secrets which are like knives is the back of the holder of the secret, they reveal the secret to others, perhaps for their personal gain or enjoyment.

There are times when secrets should remain secrets, and not revealed to others so to cause ridicule or loss to sufferers, to holders of knowledge, so the revealers can gain power, wealth or knowledge that really they are not entitled too.

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