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Dragon Boat Race 2010, Kingston upon Thames, Rotary Club

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It was an early start for club members of Kingston’s Rotary Club, preparing the 2010 Dragon Boat Race on the River Thames .

48 teams had entered the day long races, each having a purpose, perhaps raising awareness for a project, raising money for a good cause, or just to have fun with friends, and for each team and their friends and family, marquees had to be erected, signs to be placed, the funfair and other stalls, tents and services put in position. The work was only minor to all the effort and organisation that had been afforded by the committee and members of Kingston’s Rotary Club .
Within a short period of time, all was ready, and we awaited the arrival of hundreds of competitors and visitors on a warm Sunday. 
Competitors were very colourful in their racing kit, entering into the spirit of the fun day, the police team in uniform, the pirates, a team with strange metal hats which I still do not understand.

Eight dragon boats were ready for the races, each race having four teams paddling at full steam down the river, until we had eight finalists for the last race.
Team supporters shouted their teams on, the public joined in, the children loved it. Between races, teams and followers had picnics, purchased food from the food stalls, or sampled an over flowing glass full of sweet cherries.
The Dragon Boat Races were eventually won by Canbury Arms Boys team (see results ), in a thrilling eight boat race, where the ducks, swans and other river users had to make way, as the race took-up most of the river width as they splashed their way down steam.
Enter your team into the July 17th 2011 Dragon Boat Race, perhaps one of the biggest in the UK, contact Glenis to obtain an entry form.