NLP Practitioner in Istanbul.

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Good news for my Turkish friends, as I will start another Society of NLP Practitioner course, lasting 7 days in Istanbul from the 17th April 2010.

For many years now I have been visiting Turkey giving courses in Istanbul, Ankara, Gaziantep, Antalya, to name but a few places, including NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner, to the requirements of the Society of NLP.

Having had trained with Richard Bandler himself, being a Licensed Trainer of the Society, and being on his assisting team for many years, participants know that they are being given NLP as Bandler teaches.

In Malcolm Gladwell’s books, he states that to become an expert in a subject or discipline, a person should have been involved, learned, used the subject for 10,000 hours. Certainly the participants will have that time in me.

So I hope to see you all in Istanbul, and on other courses I will be giving in PhotoReading, Mind MapsMemory and Hypnosis in the near future, all given under the license and agreement of the originators.

For more details of the NLP Practitioner course in Istanbul 17th April 2010, please visit

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