CT Scan from the Penang Adventist Hospital, I give you my heart.

I had been to the Penang Adventist Hospital the previous day for a CT Scan on my heart. Now it was time to collect the results.

So, I give you my heart.

The CT Scan of the heart of Phillip Holt seen from the front view
The heart of Phillip Holt seen from the front view

CT Scan stands for (CT) or Computerized Axial Tomography(CAT).
The 64-slice CT scan imaging method, produces a series of pictures, only two of mine is shown above and below out of hundreds, that are then reconstructed by using computer into cross-sectional views. Then doctors can view parts of the body they were never able to see before. The GE LightSpeed VCT Scanner (64-slice) installed in the Penang Adventist Hospital can capture this information in about 5 seconds. the system creating 64 credit card-thin images, totaling 40 millimeters of anatomical coverage. These images are combined to form a 3D (three-dimensional) view of the patient’s heart or other selected part of the body, for the doctors to view and analyze.
The images are captured onto a computer, which the doctors can now store in a databank, disc or CD for future viewing and reference, and for me to keep and to take back to Dr Tan and my own doctor in the UK for a diagnosis.
They did not make sense to me, but I made a visit to Queensbay Shopping Mall, and the Borders (MY) bookshop, and a book presented itself to me, The South Beach Heart Heath Revolution, by Arthur Agatston, M.D.
Firstly let me explain what was in the report, not the actual report but the pictures which were captured of my heart, perhaps this will help you understand your heart.
At the top of the above picture showing my heart is the main aorta leading from the heart
There are four main chambers to the heart, the upper two chambers are the left and right atrium, and the lower two chambers are the left and right ventricles. The atrias supply blood to the ventricles, whilst the right ventricle pumps the blood into the lungs, and the left ventricle pumps blood into the blood circulation system (systemic circulation) through the aorta for the rest of the body.
So, the oxygen poor blood enters the right atrium and is the pumped into the right ventricle, from there through the pulmonary artery to the lungs. In the lungs, the blood is enriched with oxygen, and the carbon dioxide removed. This newly oxygenated blood is now sent by the pulmonary veins to the left atrium then to the main pump the left ventricle.
Various one way valves are in the heart, thus allowing one directional flow of blood.
Stay with me, I know you will find this interesting and could one day save your life.
As blood enters the aorta artery, the light coloured tube at the top of my heart above. it is directed to coronary arteries, these look like roots of a plant in the picture above surrounding the heart and these supply the heart with blood and oxygen.
A heart attack occurs when one of these arteries is blocked for more than twenty minutes, thus depriving that part of the heart on blood and oxygen, so that part dies. Should sufficient amount of heart muscle die, then there will be insufficient pressure to supply the body and this will result in heart failure, it could also mean that the lungs cannot send the oxygenated blood out, making breathing difficult.
The heart of Phillip Holt seen from another angle

The heart of Phillip Holt seen from another angle showing the (LAD) or
left anterior descending, with the stent shown in white. Further problems shown
in the first diagonal, plagues, again showing in white

The above picture shows the left coronary artery with the stent I had inserted three years ago shown as two white lines, and with a branch coming off known as the first diagonal, showing more problems, plaques, again shown in white.
There are many more pictures in the whole CT Scan, showing the whole of my heart, and I wanted to share the above with you to give an insight to the human body normally unseen. I am not giving a diagnosis on my own body as I am not medically trained.
Until I had my wake-up call in Antalya, I was I considered, a relatively healthy person, yes overweight, somewhat unfit, but I knew of nothing unduly wrong with me, apart from sweating to much and a few aches and pains, just that I was like my old RX7 car, needing a little care and attention.
Do you know if there are problems in your body?
I will next tell you about the bookThe South Beach Heart Heath Revolution, by Arthur Agatston, M.D.

My articles may help you, to look at your lifestyle, your own body, and if it does, I have done my job.

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