Relationships change – Borders

It is said “nothing lasts forever“.

I have had a long relationship, which is going to come to an end I fear.

When the relationship finally comes to an end, I will have a period of time when I will feel lost, empty, longing for the days when I go and visit for my pleasure.

The book shops own by Borders here in the UK, has gone into administration, that is to say that the company could soon cease trading, that they are trading at a loss.

I love researching for information, reading books, more books and more books, and Borders was my favorites book shop. Their selection of books was wide a varied, their staff always willing to talk and impart knowledge.

As with friendships, business relationship, associations, circumstances change, and sometimes the circumstances are out of our control, and the relationship must come to an end.

Sorry to loose you as you are coming to an end Borders, I will sadly miss you, Now I will have to find a replacement for you.

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