Happy Bayram or Eid

It is a special time of the year for some people of our world.

It is the end of Ramadan ( رمضان), the islamic month of fasting.

In Turkey the holiday period at the end of Ramadan is known as Bayram in the Middle East as Eid.

So to all my friends, have a great holiday, if you are with your family, make those ties stronger, if you are with friends, make those friendships stronger, if you are by yourself, rejoice that you are in the family of the human race, whatever their beliefs.

Many times in the past years, I have been in Islamic countries giving training, and although I was caught up in the celebrations, I really did not experience any joy or sense of occasion.

Then, I also noticed that in recent years, when in the same islamic countries, the participants on my courses experienced the same as I did for my main holiday of the year, Christmas. They did not understand what I was experiencing in December.

The italians have another holiday that I did not understand, that is the whole of August, they have the whole of August off. It was not until I spent a few weeks in Bologna in August this year that I understood, it was too hot with temperatures in the mid 30’s day and night.

I have experienced Bayram or Eid, and understand what I am missing by not being with you, and I wish you all happiness.

That is the beauty of the work I do, traveling to so many countries in our small world, experiencing so many cultures and beliefs and encompassing them into my life with understanding.

If only the whole world could do the same. 

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