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My part of the skyline of Kuala Lumpur

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It is not that I am not doing anything here on the 26th floor of Angsana Villa’s. I can, on occasions, get a WIFI signal from a nearby apartment, or a mobile phone internet connection, allowing me access to the internet to answer emails, send messages, write proposals. I have a couple of books I wish to read and research, and I trust I am helping in a small way in caring for the sick people here even if it is moral support.

I have time to look over the vista of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, to reflect over our own mortality, of how short life is.

Kuala Lumpur's skyline with Petronas Twin Towers and Telecom Tower from Agnsana Villa
Kuala Lumpur’s skyline with Petronas Twin Towers and Telecom Tower from Agnsana Villa

I have time to observe the interaction of different personalities of a large family group, the dynamics, the power struggles, the strong characters competing with the weak, of those who only put an appearance once in a while but who try to influence the outcome with little or no background knowledge, and how that affects the state of those who are left to “run the show”.

I see loads of kindness, compassion, help and support, as people pull together to find resolve and peace. Each in their own way contributes to the whole.

Compromises have to be made as the situation changes from one minute to the next, and even if one person becomes upset by another’s decision, they soon come back into the group.

I now see group decisions, where people are coming together in the hours of need, listening to others points of view, facts are being presented in a meaningful way, as the core group discuss and decide the best outcome, the best strategy.

It is a good learning curve for me. I am in my small world on the 26th floor of Angsana Villa’s and I am just a speck, only a small part of the whole, a small part of the visa of Kuala Lumpur, but like us all, my contribution, now matter how small, adds to the group, the whole, the world.

I must act with integrity, compassion, trust and goodwill, with kindness of heart, to stand back and consider others feelings and points of view, and to put a positive outcome on what may come our way.