More on the Special Half Hour badge of Radio Five Live

Two weeks ago I was in Milan, Italy, whilst giving a course in NLP, and as promised to Richard Bacon, the Radio 5 Live presenter of the Special Half Hour between 00:30am and 01:00am, I wore the SHH badge with pride. (click to read)

Yesterday I gave a course on Mind Maps organised by Gap Consultancy in Gaziantep, a town in Southern Turkey, and again wore the SHH badge with pride.

Like the ring I wear, (click to see), the badge draws attention, but as the Special Half Hour rules dictate, I cannot divulge what is the SHH, and I have to direct the people to listen to the radio program to find out themselves.

Don’t look me in the eye.

A bit of a problem really, as the radio signals do not reach outside the UK, but then anyone can listen via the internet. (click to listen).

That raises another problem, as here in Turkey we are two hours ahead, that means waking up at 02:30am, I think the participants would rather sleep as I do. I need my beauty sleep. Or perhaps they could listen to a podcast.

So, just to show that I am honouring my part of being part of the Special Half Hour, here is a photograph of the Mind Mapping course in Gaziantep at a loss to understand the SHH.

What is this SHH? (Special Half Hour) Participants in the Mind Map course Gaziantep, Turkey

I will have to see where else I can wear the badge.

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