All good things come to an end

Today I finished the Society of NLP Master Practitioner course here in Bahrain, and it is always sad to say goodbye to the participants, never knowing if we will meet in the future.

Although a small group, I found them particularly interesting participants, as there were so many personalities, so many dynamics playing their part, so many different needs to be covered.

I would thank those participants for their input and hard work they put into the course, because without them, I could not do my job.

It is now back to the UK, instead of Istanbul, as my next scheduled course was to be held there for Coaching, but although I had turned down other work, other trainings to be there, it was never confirmed, and I waited until Saturday to decide whether to take a chance and be in Istanbul or not, just in case the organisers had got people on the course. It seems not, as they have not contacted me.

It seems nobody loves me in Istanbul.

Oh well, Italy will be my next port of call, the seaside resort of Rimini. I must remember to pack my swimming trunks, as the sea will be really warm and full of bikinis.

A rather odd angled photograph of some of the participants from the
Society of NLP Master Practitioner course, in Bahrain June 2009

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