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Champagne bubbles

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Whilst in Bahrain, after finishing the Society of NLP Master Practitioner course, I was taken to the 5 star Banyan Tree Restaurant and spa for a wonderful lunch, actually and afternoon snack, and as we drunk glasses of champagne, a question arose. What makes the bubbles in a glass of champagne?

Champagne Bubbles

Now I know that bubbles in a glass of champagne is due to the carbonation of a white wine, by adding bubbles, either by the fermentation of the wine, and adding extra yeast and sugar after the first fermentation has stopped thus starting another, or that carbon dioxide is added to the white wine as it is bottled and corked.

Once the bottle is opened, say at a table, the trapped carbon dioxide is release slowly, or in the case of the winners of the F1 races, rather quickly.


But why do the bubbles once the champagne has settled still come from the bottom of the glass?

Could it be that the weight of the champagne forces the bubbles out of the liquid? That would mean that the bubbles would be from the deepest part of the glass, but when looking at the glass above and below, that is not true. Also by tipping the glass so that there would be a lower part of the glass, the bubbles keep coming from the same place, in fact bubbles can be seen emanating from many parts of the glass.

Why don’t the champagne bubbles come from the deepest part of the glass?

Why are there many sources of bubbles? All emanating from their own unmoving source.

Is it because there is a flaw in the glass? Surely not every glass has a flaw?

I am confused. I need answers.

Please if you can answer, drop a comment below.

Rotary Club of Kingston upon Thames

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It was back at the start of the 1980’s that I was invited to join the evening Rotary Club of Peterborough in the UK, at that time being the youngest member. It was an experience that would stay with me ever since, the friendship, the support, being able to in my small way, contribute to the community both locally and internationally.

My membership was short lived, as I had finished my task of computerising the toy manufacturer Peter Pan Playthings, and was offered the opportunity to work with Texas Instruments distributor in Saudi Arabia, as Software Manager, looking after customers who had purchased a TI computer, creating solutions to their individual needs. It was a job which would see me in Saudi Arabia for over five years.

Unfortunately, Rotary Club, and any such organisation was banned in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as was amateur radio (ham radio call sign G8YJQ) and other such hobbies or pastimes.

It was recently, that I became aware once again of Rotary, and in conversation with a member of the Kingston upon Thames Rotary Club, was invited to attend their meetings, and as time went on was invited to join once again.

Today was my induction into the Rotary Club at the Thursday lunch time meeting.

Although my work as a trainer, presenter, coach, takes me to many countries, being away from the UK, I am sure I can contribute to the club, to fellow Rotary members both in the Kingston Rotary Club and with members worldwide, including Malaysia.

A new chapter opens in my life, which I am looking forward to with eager anticipation.

Phillip Holt's Induction into Kingston Rotary Club wearing SHH

Wearing with pride the SHH and the Rotary Club Badges
after being inducted into the Rotary Club of Kingston upon Thames
by the Club President Peter Thompson

Oh, to Richard Bacon of the BBC‘s Radio Five Live late night show, and his Special Half Hour club (SHH), I can now wear with pride both badges.

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