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Sometimes you need to go further

Today after bringing to a conclusion a number of issues, including booking a flight to Italy tomorrow for an NLP Practitioner Training I will be closing, I felt I needed to expend some energy, so I took a walk.

I took to the Thames Pathway at Kingston upon Thames, a walkway which follows the banks of the River Thames, stretching I believe some 30 kilometers, in one continuous walk.

I knew that at odd places along the way, I would be able to leave the Thames Pathway to catch a bus back into Kingston, so I headed downstream towards Richmond-upon-Thames.

I had no actual plan, but I began to enjoy the walk, wondering where the old factory of Hawker Sidley was where they built, tested and launched the seaplanes and the Hurricane, the Harrier Jump Jet among other great planes, then watching the passing river traffic, and other walkers.

At Teddington Lock, the sound of the river crashing over the weir raised my spirits, I love the sound of water, and the forever changing shapes the wild water makes. But I did not stop long, I pressed forth on enjoying the sights.

The weir at Teddington Lock
The weir at Teddington Lock

Keeping my eyes open, using Phillip’s Sausage, I saw a heron I suspect waiting for a fish meal, rabbits enjoying the sun, even a green parakeet flashing between the tree branches.

A heron near the River Thames   A rabbit near the River Thames
A heron and rabbit near the River Thames

I just kept walking.

I then came across Ham House with its’ gardens, a house built in 1610 in the reign of Charles I, full of fabulous paintings and history. I had driven passed the sign to Ham House, but never stopped to visit it. Well I had come tis far, why not have a look inside.

Ham House, Richmond-upon-Thames
Ham House, Richmond-upon-Thames

A rather expensive entrance ticket later, over £9.00, I went into the building, and I purchased (another £1), a single (but folded) sheet guide to the house, and after reading it, toured the house.

I am pleased I visited Ham House and viewed its’ contents, but I needed to finish my walk and get home to pack for Italy, and pushed on to Richmond.

By now it was 5pm and my feet were beginning to ache, I had no choice, but walk on as the amount of walkers increased on the pathway as I got closer to Richmond and the chance to catch a bus home.

I had set out at 1pm for a stroll by the river, but now it was over four hours later, oh my feet, but I had gone further than I intended and saw and learned more by doing so.

Thank goodness the bus only took just over fifteen minutes to reach Kingston, back home to rest my legs, and then prepare my evening meal and iron some shirts.