Not Enough Hours to do what you need to do?

A fellow trainer of NLP and friend of over ten years, Owen Fitzpatrick, we shared some training in Italy recently,

It was during our brief encounter over the last few weeks, Owen gave me one of his books that he has written titled Not Enough Hours.

It was obvious that a lot of research and work was devoted to this book. It is written in a well constructed and easy to read and understand way.

It was interesting for me to read that most other books on time management say that tools like diaries, to do list are a waste of time and that they do not use them, yet when you read them, there they are.

Owen tells us how to manage your time, to take control, what is the concept of time, how our body clock works, with tips on how to implement his concepts.

With examples from his TV series on Irish televison RTE, it is easy to see how you can take control of your time management.

A good read and system. 

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