A drab day in Kingston upon Thames

It is not a good day with regards to the weather today in Kingston upon Thames, the clouds are low and it is drizzling that fine rain that gets you wet.

I had to be at the dentist at 9am, and they were running late, so I did not leave until 10:30am. Not good for the nerves.

Walking back to the town center along the River Thames, I felt is if I was the only person in the world, well apart from a lone runner in the far distance. There was just me and the wildlife, the ducks, coots, geese and swans. Perhaps I am the only person in this world and others are just a figment of my imagination. I wonder. Just a thought.

A drab and drizzling day in Kingston upon Thames, along the River Thames, devoid of people.

Compare the photograph above to the video I took some time ago. Click here.

Oh well, might as well iron my shirts and prepare for the next train sessions, school children in the UK for Mind Maps and Memory skills, and NLP Master Practitioner in Milan, Italy.

It will be the start of over two months of nearly non stop training sessions I will be giving, taking me to Italy, Turkey and Bahrain. So I look forward to meetings all my old participants, and meeting new ones.

It is a good job I love my work.

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