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Be prepared

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The is nothing like getting ready for a trip, but I have the tendency to put things off until the last moment, so as I sit in my hotel room at the start of a ten day tour of giving training in the UK and Italy, I know I am ready.

The Boy Scouts have a motto which is Be Prepared, perhaps I should have been a member of that organisation, but I was a member of the Boys Brigade which had the motto Sure and Steadfast., and I think I am that. See picture of me blowing my own trumpet.

Boys Brigade Badge

Yesterday trying to get prepared resulted in ironing some twenty plus shirts, a number of trousers, watering the plants, tidying-up, meetings, banking, and travel. It was a rushed day.

But I am ready to face a group of school children for the day to teach them memory skills and Mind Maps, or Mappe Mentalli in Italian.