The Toilet Gallery Kingston upon Thames

Many times over the years living in Kingston upon Thames, I have walked passed the old Empire Theatre opposite to the Wilkinson store, passed a dirty looking alleyway, and paid no attention to what looked to me was a service road to the pub (public house) and the various fast service food shops.

Entrance to the small alleyway to the Toilet Gallery

Other places of interest stand out as I passed them, the Coronation Stone, the Out Of Order falling over telephone boxes, Lovekyn Chapel, and more in Kingston upon Thames, but never the alleyway.

Then I had my Phillip’s Sausage working, and an old white building at the end of the alleyway caught my eye, and a small sign The Toilet Gallery, painted on the wall.

The Toilet Gallery, Kingston upon Thames

The Toilet Galley
is a disused ladies only toilet, still having the cubicles and basins, but without the usual fragrance, was opened in 2003 as a place for avant-garde artists to show their work.

Inside the Toilet Gallery

Very small, but enough to show some great works. Well worth a visit for people to support.

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