I can blow my own trumpet

There is an English saying “they are blowing their own trumpet“.

This saying means that they are boasting or talking about their own abilities, talents, successes and achievements.

So yes I can blow my own trumpet.

I have proof, read the blog, visit my web sites.

Whilst clearing out a storage facility I have been renting to house my old memories, books, toys and more, I came across a very old newspaper cutting dated, October 1963.

In my youth I belonged to a brass band, and was a member of The Boys Brigade, an organisation similar to the Scouts, but we could wear long trousers.
My ability to play a brass instrument and especially a trumpet, my own trumpet, meant that on parades, matching through the streets to go to church or chapel, I would be part of the marching band. Our services were always used on Remembrance Sunday, when in the UK and other countries we would march to the War Memorial to remember the fallen. Always a moving experience as we played The Last Post.

Phillip Holt with arrow pointing on parade with the Boys' Brigade
Phillip Holt with arrow pointing on parade with the Boys’ Brigade, hold his trumpet. 1963

The newspaper article says:-


Character building is the main object of the Boys’ Brigade. This way the theme of a sermon by Cannock Chase Methodist Circuit Superintendent, the Rev. S. C. Challener on Sunday.

He was preaching to three companies who had taken part in a Founders’ Day parade from High Green, Cannock, to Mill Street Methodist Church, Cannock.

The parade, which was headed by the chairman of Cannock Urban Council, Councillor I. J. Jacques and Captain T. Howard of the 1st Chasetown Boys’ Brigade was followed by the 1st Cannock, Chasetown and Lichfield companies.

Altogether 120 youths paid tribute to Sir William A. Smith, who founded th Boys’ Brigade 80 years ago.

On the return march to High Green a salute was taken by Councillor Jacques at Cannock Bandstand.

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