PhotoReading and Mind Maps in Rome

It was very tight in getting to the PhotoReading and Mind Map course in Rome last weekend. I had half an hour to spare upon reaching the hotel venue, the nH (formally the Jolly Hotel) Leonardo Da Vinci, until the start of the course in fact many participants were already waiting.

But, I was in state, sleep was not good on the overnight flight from Gaziantep Turkey, were I had finished a course the previous evening.

Some 23 participants attended the PhotoReading and Mind Map course in Rome, which gave a fantastic atmosphere. I believe there will be even more in Milan in a couple of days.

PhotoReading and Mind Maps, Rome

PhotoReading and Mind Maps, Rome

I am now travelling up towards Milan for the next PhotoReading and Mind Map course. More of that soon, as internet access is costly in hotels in Italy, 5 Euro for half an hour.

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