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Real Chocolate Cakes

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Today was my special day, although at 95 who cares?

Actually it has been a surprise to me how many people do care with wishes for my birthday I have received from around the world.

Thank you all.

Here in Milan, Italy, I have been conducting a PhotoReading and Mind Map course, It was after lunch that I was greeted with the Happy Birthday song, and taken to the back of the room, to be presented with two chocolate cakes.


Two Chocolate Cakes
Two Chocolate Cakes for my birthday 2009

The girls on the PhotoReading and Mind Maps course, Milan        The boys on the PhotoReading and Mind Maps course, Milan
The girls and boys on the PhotoReading and Mind Maps course, Milan 2009

A birthday in Milan

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After a couple of days of traveling from Rome to Milan, staying in Luga with Gianni Golfera, meeting many people and having great experiences which I will write about soon, I find myself with a bad chest infection and a sore throat, which makes my voice like a mouse, but the PhotoReading and Mind Map course must go on.

Thank you for all your birthday messages. So now I am 96, but I will still be 95 at heart.

chocolate cake