I am off again

Having only just returned this week from Italy where I was giving a training in NLP for a group of eager Italians in Bologna, I find myself packing again to go to Gaziantep in Southern Turkey.

This trip will take me to Turkey, Istanbul, Gaziantep, for an NLP Practitioner course and a Coaching course, then on to Italy to give PhotoReading and Mind Map courses in Rome and Milan. My return to the UK towards the end of March, will see me giving the Stage Hypnosis course in London. So I have a busy month ahead.
I love my work, although I get very tied, I meet so many people, and in a way, give them the opportunity to look at and try new ideas, bring out the excellence that they seek.
But, sometimes I feel like a ship passing in the night, visiting through many ports, perhaps going un-noticed to some who are not looking, but like the ship, leaving its’ cargo, I leave information and knowledge for those who stay behind, so they are free to use what I deliver to them, to use as they see fit.
I hope my visits leave a good memory, so that the knowledge will open their eyes and free them to do what they wish to do, as I sail my ship to another port with a cargo of knowledge.  

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