Garibaldi, an Italian Hero

Giuseppe Garibaldi was an Italian revolutionary, a hero, who changed the history of Italy, as Ataturk (read about Mustafa Kemal Ataturk) was to the Turkish nation and people.

Garibaldi is said to have united Italy as we know it today. to my surprise, the country as we know it today, the boot, was in fact a collection af states prior to 1860, the north east controlled by Austria, the north west by France, Spain had its’ power base, and in central Italy there was papal power.
It was in 1860 that Garibaldi started his quest, and went to Sicily and defeated the Neapolitan forces with just 800 volunteers, known as the i Mille or Redshirts.
From Sicily he took Naples, the papal states, and the Austrian controlled states, thus unifying Italy as we know it today.

Giuseppe Garibaldi, Italian revolutionary
Giuseppe Garibaldi

Another interesting fact that came to light whislt in Bologna, and why did not I know this before, that was prior to 1946, Italy was a Kingdom, having a monarch, which was expelled and exiled to France by referendum.
Oh what a small knowledge of our world have I.

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