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Garibaldi Biscuits

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Garibaldi Biscuits in packet ASDA

Garibaldi Biscuits in packet sold by ASDA in the UK

Going back in my far and distant past, I remember one of the treats my mother would serve, it was a biscuit called Garibaldi. It was not a treat for me as I was not found of them, but to mother and I suspect other British people, they were from an exotic world, a far off country, a touch of something un-British.
The biscuit was a thin sandwich of biscuit with the dried chewy fruit of currents at the center. A current is similar to a dried red grape.
Garibaldi Biscuits

Garibaldi Biscuits

I would mention this memory to the participants of my courses in Italy, and they would look at me as if I was a visiting Martian, they had no idea of what I was talking about, no clue from the description or name of biscuit.
I was really confused.
Here was an Italian product, and the Italians had no knowledge of it. Was it my pronunciation of the word? Was it called something different in Italy?
Then, just before I was leaving for Bologna, I went into my local supermarket, and after years of not seeing the product, there was the biscuit on the shelves. I had to buy it.
During the NLP Master Practitioner course I reviewed Anchors, and brought out the packet of Garibaldi biscuits as an example of the memories it gave me. The participants looked at me with a blank face, they had never heard of the biscuit or seen them.
At the break, I offer each of them a sample, and their reaction was in the negative, they did not like the taste, texture, and most of the biscuits went untouched.
That evening as Elena and myself walked back to my hotel after a splendid pizza meal, in a small square or piazza bordering the main street running from the railway station to the Piazza Maggiore is a statue of a man on a horse, and in bold letter at its’ base or plinth, is “A GARIBILDI”
Garibaldi Statue in Bologna

Garibaldi Statue in Bologna

So I was not wrong. The name is Italian. Perhaps I had the wrong “cat on the mat“, the wrong understanding.
Who was this person, A GARIBALDI?

NLP Master Practitioner, Bologna, Italy

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A few days ago I had the good fortune to open the NLP Master Practitioner course for NLPItaly in the Italian city of Bologna. Two days of hard but fun work, as we reviewed the NLP Practitioner work, caught-up on missing knowledge, and introduced more in depth subject matters of NLP.

I had a great time as I weaved my way through the subject of NLP, clearing-up one or two of the participants self and limiting beliefs, ever aware of the next trainer to takeover from me, leading the participants on this wonderful journey.

NLP Master Practitioner in the Italian city of Bologna

The time in Bologna gave me perhaps for the first time in my travels as a trainer a big WOW factor, as I had given myself time to discover the city, to do a bit of sightseeing, something I never usually do, as I fly in, do the course and fly out.
I found new knowledge about Italy and Bologna from Elena my translator for the weekend. More to follow.

Elena Martelli and Phillip Holt, scary