Singapore Airlines A380

Last week had been quite busy with meetings, but I had no courses to give or clients booked from now until Christmas.

My plans had been squashed, as courses had been canceled, and people I had asked to be with me had not answered my requests, so rather than sit by myself in Norbiton Hall, Kingston upon Thames, I once again traveled into the West End of London, looking at the shops and streets, and decided on the spur of the moment to fly to Malaysia.

It was a grand opportunity to fly on Singapore Airlines new A380 aircraft, but try as I could I could not get a seat on the upper deck. I had been told that seat rows 71 – 78 are good seats, and row 80 as the latter is an exit seat so lots of leg room. The upper deck I am told has a row configuration of 2-4-2, whereas the main lower deck has a row configuration of 3-4-3.

Singapore Airlines A380 at Changi Airport

As I like a window seat, I often find myself locked into my seat by the two people sleeping next to me in the 3-4-3 configuration, so no pee pee’s.

Eventually, Friday evening I was able to log onto the web site of Singapore Airlines to book-in and choose a seat. But what I was shown was a seat booked for me, 46K, at least a window seat, but the rest of the seats fully booked, taken.

Boarding the aircraft was a dream, so quickly, even with over 470 passengers, and the seats are wide, comfortable, with plenty of leg room.

The view from the window amazed me. A gigantic wing, arcing like a ski slope from the fuselage, filling the whole window. I could see nothing but wing, and I believe it is so wide, you could play football on it. So, moral of this story is if you want a window seat on an A380, do not pick rows 44 – 48, because you will not see any more than the wing, beautiful as it is, just like ang eagle.

The smooth flight lasted over 12 hours, and was so smooth, but my video had no sound, so I could not watch any films.

Now I sit in Singapore Changi International Airport waiting for 7 more hours for the connecting flight to Penang.

I think I will get a free two hour tour of Singapore, that should keep me awake and give me something to do. 

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