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Nature in its raw – Snails Mating

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By taking time, and looking about, allowing what we would not normally see, we will learn so much more.

Dr. Win Wenger calls it Side Bands. (click to read article). Stopping and notice noticing the small signals that often pass us by. Visit Project Renaissance,

Malcolm Gladwell in his book “blink writes about our senses which are telling us, giving us, information, but we do not recognize that this information is there influencing our decisions without us knowing. We do not notice noticing.

So as Win Wenger teaches, when something happens to us, it could be a change in our breathing rate, a sharp intake of breath, a quick glance to something. we should stop and recognize that something, what caught our attention, why did it catch our attention, notice noticing it and learn from it.

I call it Phillip’s Sausage. Being aware of what is in the peripheral vision or awareness. click to see article.

I had this experience some months ago in the UK when I noticed some strange ladybirds or bugs in the hedgerow outside the apartment in Norbiton Hall. They were Harlequin Ladybirds, (read Ladybirds the Answer), a newly introduced insect to the UK.

Harlequin Ladybirds

I was walking around the garden here in Bukit Mertajam, Malaysia, that I noticed a rather large snail shell, but it was something else that caught my eye. Something that I never seen before.

Snails Mating

There were in fact two snails, one on the back of the other and a strange white protrusion joining the two.

This is I realised something I had never witnessed before, the sex act of two snails. I had never considered how snails reproduced.

After a little research, I found the following facts.

Snails are what is called a hermaphrodite, that is they have both male and female sexual organs, or genital apparatus, and is located behind and to one side of the snails head.

Obviously, there is the requirement to have two snails to reproduce, and when one sexually active snail finds another, it will fire a calcified dart, (love dart), which will penetrate the other snail. This act will stimulate the other snail to receive and exchange the sperm sack or spermatophore to fertilise the eggs.

The eggs are produced internally, and about one month later, the snail will lay eggs (40 – 60), possibly underground, after which at about 14 days the eggs will hatch.

See and visit Strange Monster Creatures

Santa did not call

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Well Christmas Day has come and gone again.

Part of the family (over twenty) arrived for a Xmas feast in the evening, from babes in arms to the oldies, all tucked-in to so much food, we will be eating the left-overs for days to come.

But Santa did not come to my house. Perhaps it is because we have no chimney? No gifts. No wrapping paper. No unwanted socks. No clothes to take back to the shops to exchange for something more suitable.

Maybe, I might get a belated present one day when I get back to the UK, something I have wanted for a long time, slowly unwrapping, revealing that very special thing.

Well, actually I did come down to a special gift, left in my office.

Cat poo.

Being so hot and humid, the windows and doors are always open, but grills stop any intruders getting into the house.

It is a strange Malaysian custom for me, as most homes are like prisons, grills guarding every entry point, even every exit point, (is someone keeping me a prisoner?), inside the window or outside. I have even seen apartments at 20 floors with grills at the windows.

Grills inside and outside to stop intruders.

So the cat must have got in during the evening, and not realising an extra guest, the windows and doors were shut as we slept.

Poor thing, must have got hungry, and eat some of a bun called a kaya pau, steamed white dough with a wonderful jam filling (Kaya), and it could not have agreed with its’ stomach, because it left me with a present, loads of poo poo, runny diarrhea, smelly, and …….. I will not go on.

Not only had I the cat to clean up after, the floors to wash, but we have another overnight guest. A fruit bat.

Sorry too dark for my flash, but you can see the fruit bat’s eyes and shape

Every evening, fruit bat will come and hang from one of the porch wooden beams, and after getting a supply of wild fig or other fruit, will munch away, hanging there up-side-down. Within minutes it seems to come out the other end, landing on the car or floor tiles. It dries every quickly and is very difficult to remove.

Fruit bat droppings on the car

Like life, poo poo happens, (click to understand oh poo poo) just get on with it and have a laugh. (visit the ok.poo.poo web site for jokes)