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Beauty is there

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Although Nobody loves me, is it only because I have not opened my eyes and looked around me.

I have only just noticed some flowers in the apartment here in Norbiton Hall, Kingston upon Thames.

Yes I knew they were there, but I had not taken time to look at them, to admire the beauty.

I know them as Christmas Cacti, or its scientific name Zygocactus, and as their name implies, they flower around Christmas, December.




Smells Fishy

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When it is said something smells fishy, it seems or indicates there is something wrong, it is out of the ordinary, not following the normal route.

This saying, it smells fishy, is often used for a situation which may or may not involve a person/s. To Smell a Rat is often used to indicate that a person is setting a trap, to do something wrong against another.

Fish for sale in Kingston upon Thames, smelly.

Smell a Rat

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As in the blog Missing days , I mentioned the English saying, To Smell a Rat.

The saying smell a rat means that there is something wrong, something is not right.

It could mean that someone is going to set a trap on another person into doing something that they do not want to do, to manipulate them into doing something or an carry out an action which is wrong.

Perhaps the onlooker or recipiant does not know what is going to possibly happen, but intuition tells them to be aware.