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Stage Hypnosis course finishes

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It is now down-time for me after a two day intensive Stage Hypnosis course held in London.

In the two days we cover a lot, although I have learned to frame the content in such a way that it is fun, easy to learn and enjoyable, and perhaps the participants only realise at the end of the course, how much they have learned, how much content they have absorbed.

Our intentionally small group, so that we can give near 1-on-1 tuition, came from many countries, the UK, Poland, Italy, Albania and Slovenian, some having had no experience of even being hypnotised before in their life, (well they thought they had not), one studying for a PhD in the art of Stage Hypnosis, hypnotherapists, NLPer’s and those just interested.

Some of the participants from the stage hypnosis course

It is always interesting bringing the group to the same level of knowledge enabling them to stage a show if they so wished.

Unlike other courses where the trainers seem to like their own voices, and just lecture, the participants actually put into practice the different elements, the inductions, re-inductions and routines, bringing all together at the end of the second day with a show of their own, performed with real “stars” and in front of others.

Learning hands-on the art and tricks of Stage Hypnosis.

I am going to look forward to the many more course I will give around the world and the next one in London, March 2009. If you want to be part of that group, book early now. Click link here to book.

Thank you guys, you made my weekend a great experience, and remember, I want to see you again on my future courses as always free of charge.