Wetlands Center London

The London Wetlands Center, see previous article (click here), promised some wonderful sights of wild birds, rare and beautiful wildlife including Bitterns, Kingfishers and a colony of endangered Water Voles.

It is a great place to visit, and there are lots of birds to see, but they are a little scarce or low in numbers.

When you consider the numbers of swans in Kingston on the River Thames (CLICK TO SEE PICTURE), compared with one or two swans swimming in the lake or, with a signet resting in the grass with one of its’ parents in the Wetlands Center it, is a little disappointing.

Swans on the River Thames, Kingston upon Thames  A signet with its' swan mother at Wetlands, London
Swans on the River Thames at Kingston                           A signet with its’ swan mother at Wetlands

I did catch sight of an endangered Water Vole, and a couple of its’ young, but they are shy animals and difficult to photograph. Still I saw more than most people, as they just walked straight passed the area where the Water Voles were.

An endangered Water Vole at London’s Wetlands Center.

I had to smile at the small young birds following mother, or just floating there, not worried if I was watching them or not.

Young duckings with mother at Wetlands, London
Young ducklings with mother at Wetlands, London

White-headed duckling at the Wetlands Center, London
White-headed duckling at the Wetlands Center, London

Part of the London Wetlands Center, is devoted to as I call them “other makes” of wildfowl, and I found the experience of observing and learning about the birds, relaxing and absorbing.

Some of the pictures I will show in Londons Wetlands Center next.

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