Another bloom coming

It was whilst I was taking photographs of the cactus that bloomed, (see articles Little pieces of beauty and Just like a bus), that I decided to illustrate the long stemmed plant I talked about.

To my amazement, it too is going to bloom.

Adenium obesum var. multiflorum

I had been sitting here, and not noticing.

Adenium obesum var. multiflorum in our garden in Bukit Mertajam, Malaysia.

How Adenium obesum var. multiflorum flowers in the wild or in our garden in Bukit MertajamMalaysia. See More Beauty in our Garden, Flowering Orchids, for more plants and strange things.

Here you can see the rather bulbous base of the Adenium obesum var. multiflorum in a pot in the garden in Bukit MertajamMalaysia, rather than the thin stems seen in the picture at the top of this article here in Norbiton Hall, UK.

It is the small things we miss.

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