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Basil Diner Kingston open again.

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Some time ago I wrote about a local restaurant called The Basil Diner here in my home town, Norbiton, Kingston upon Thames. See The Basil Diner, Kingston upon Thames – More Food. Sorry. 

This restaurant was a Chinese/Malaysian cuisine, but perhaps due to lack of customers, the restaurant closed.

  Chinese/Malaysian cuisine

It was like loosing a friend, a lover, a pet, something dear to the heart. Each time walking passed the empty restaurant which was getting more and more dirty from the passing traffic, only reminded me of the great food and service.

It is when something is removed and it is unavailable, that we tend to miss what was, regretting the passing.

Some of us may stay in this state, being remorseful, sorrowful, depressed, wishing for the clock to be turned back, to be as things were. Others of us will welcome the chance for change.

We have saying here in the UK, examples are “Wait and See.  & All good things come to those that wait.“, which I described and you can read in a previous article.

This week I noticed cleaners in the Basil Diner, cleaning the windows, painting, placing interior decor. I noticed food being delivered. What was happening?

Tonight, Saturday, the Basil Diner was back, and after a walk, the new Basil Diner went under a test.

The management is new, the staff are new, but the name and signage is the same.

The food is now Hong Kong cuisine, which is probably more acceptable to the western palate or taste buds.

The menu has more than 278 choices, from starters, soups, main dishes to extras. There is a wide choice to make up a satisfying meal for all diners.

There is also a take-away service, plus a home delivery service free for orders over £10 within a 3 mile radius of the restaurant.

Orders can be telephoned in, on UK 0208 546 6888 or 0208 546 7088. I am sure it would be better if the menu was available on the internet, so I will publish it for residents of Norbiton and surrounding areas in the coming days.

The Basil Diner needs support in the coming weeks, so try it you might like it.

MENU (click on thumbnail to view) as at 28/8/2008

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NOTE this the Basil Diner as of mid 2009 has closed again.