A loss of another friend

One thing is certain, we will all take the same journey one day, and today I had news that another great friend and NLP‘er has passed away.

Many people will have been helped by this great man, who assisted for many years at the Society of NLP trainings held in London with Paul McKenna, Michael Breen and Richard Bandler.

John Brown had been ill for some time, and sadly he passed away on Monday.

John helped me overcome my phobia of heights, as I wrote about just over a week ago in my blog about riding on the London Eye, and where my phobia had come from on a holiday with my family in the Welsh seaside town of Saundersford.

John was also known as a safe breaker, he was an engineer of note, and became an expert at being able to get into locked safes.

He was also an artist, and I treasure a painting he did of Dartmoor for me, it hangs in my bedroom, and will always be a reminder of him.

A painting of Dartmoor by John Brown
Dartmoor by John Brown

John, may you rest in peace.

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