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See from anothers point of view

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I like you, get many sayings, thought provoking ideas, jokes and junk emails, but sometimes I get one that makes me sit up, to have a “ah” experience, seeing things from another’s point of view.

Today I was sent a poem which gave me a “ah” experience. OK, a bit of a joke poem, but look below the surface level, there may be some truth in there.

      Written by an African kid. 

                                                        When I born, I black 
                                                        When I grow up, I black 

                                                        When I go in Sun, I black 
                                                        When I scared, I black 

                                                        When I sick, I black 
                                                        And when I die, I still black 

                                                        And you white fellow 
                                                        When you born, you pink 
                                                        When you grow up, you white 
                                                        When you go in sun, you red 

                                                        When you cold, you blue 
                                                        When you scared, you yellow 

                                                        When you sick, you green 
                                                        And when you die, you gray 

                                                        And you calling me coloured?

It is how we see and understand our world that leads to problems.

It is when we see things from others points of view, put their shoes on, that we see the real world.

See perceptual positions exercise.