Karan Beri, a fantastic memory for dates and time.

Whilst working in Bahrain, I had the privilege to be with and work with Karan Beri and his mother Gopika Beri.

Karan Beri receiving his certificate from Phillip Holt in Bahrain 2008 Karan Beri receiving his certificate in Bahrain 2008

Karan has the usual social difficulties of the typical autistic savant, but this did not stop him entering into the World Memory Championship held in Bahrain in 2007, organized by Tony Buzan and Dominic O’Brian. I know that Karan hopes to enter this years WMC to be held again in Bahrain this year. I hope I can be there to support him, and see him on my future courses in Bahrain in October and November.
Karan now aged 21, was the only Bahraini to enter the 16th World Memory Championship in 2007, and entered at the last moment with his special memory for dates and numbers, and won special mention by the organisers for his abilities.

I was amazed by Karan’s ability to give the day of the week of any date, from the past or future, in the blink of an eye, and his ability to recall what he was doing or what was happening on a particular day of his life. Even when I asked what we were doing at a specific time during our training, and he could recall what I was teaching.

Karan having failed his high school exams, went on to enter India’s National Open School to pass his exams. He has gone on to become a success in his hotel management hospitality studies at the Baisan Institute of Hospitality and Hotel Management, through his shear determination.

Karan has even overcome his problems of autism to earn a wage and to appear in advertising campaigns.

Supported by his lovely mother and father, I felt very close to Karen during the training, as he did all I asked of him. I hope our time together will have added to his abilities and his love of numbers and calculators.

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