Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park

After a day of preparing for my up and coming trip to Bahrain, reloading software, ready for the training courses I will give there in NLP, PhotoReading, Mind Maps and two courses for over forty kids, I needed a break and a long walk.

Near to my home in Kingston upon Thames is Richmond Park. My last walk in the park, (click here to read), was last November, with the leaves turning lovely colours of browns, orange and yellows, and it was cold. Today, it was sunny and hot, and the Royal Park was the place to go.

It was a time to explore, as the quietness of the park was only broken by the rat-tat-tatting of a woodpecker, the birds singing their songs, and the occasional plane taking off from Heathrow racing into the sky.

I knew that there was somewhere in the park some small lakes, but I had never visited them, so like an explorer, I set out into uncharted grounds, OK, following some little used footpath into the center of the park.

 A walk in Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park

It was then that I came across Isabella Plantation. (Watch video). I had never heard of the area, a wooded and fenced off area of some 17 hectares. It was enclosed in 1831, when most of the oak, beech and sweet chestnut trees were planted.

In and around 1950, a garden was started and continues to be worked upon, containing heathers, rhododendrons, azaleas, magnolias and camellias, set between the mature trees and little streams of water.

          Steams of clear water run between azaleas in Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park              Azaleas in Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park

          Azaleas in Isabella Plantation              Rhododendrons in Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park

          Azaleas in Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park              Pathways between azaleas in Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park

          Heathers in Isabella Plantation              Close up of azaleas in Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park        

At various points in Isabella’s Plantation the streams entered little ponds of water. Swimming there were many ducks and coots, and the colourful Mandarin ducks.

 colourful Mandarin ducks swim in ponds in Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park

On the walk home a herd of deer (no sick ones) relaxed.

A herd of deer in Richmond Park

A wonderful walk, to empty my mind ready for the flight to Bahrain.

Click here to see another video and photographs of Isabella Plantation.

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