Falling apart at the seams

For the last few weeks I have been rushing around in the skies between the UK, Turkey and Italy, at enjoying the company of many people both participating in, and helping with the courses and presentations I have given.

At “95”, it appears I am falling apart at the seams.

The zip in my trousers fell apart. So, it was a less expensive suit from Erol in Taxim Square, Istanbul. It was not like my last encounter, (see My Trousers are Undone) with my memory failing me.

The heels of my shoes wearing away whilst in Gaziantep. Now I know why I take glue with me on my travels.

A crown off one of my teeth coming off, and a filling in one of my back teeth falling out.

The handle from my suitcase breaking, a bad design by Samsonite. Then the locking mechanism on another Samsonite suitcase breaking. Good for Samsonite, they replaced that lock free.

The case on my new Philips computer beginning to split.

Will I get paid for the presentations I have done?

Then on a routine blood test I find that my blood sugar levels are a little high. I do not want diabetes, so I must watch my sugar intake. It is difficult when living in hotels and eating in restaurants as I seem to do. So, I was called back to the doctors. Blood pressure fine, a quick check on the blood sugar level seemed reasonable, but then.

I happened to mention a vision problem, not so much a problem but a change. I then find myself in the emergency eye hospital. Now I must await the report on that.

Oh Poo Poo, I am falling apart.

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