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Manuals and Scripts

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In my courses, be they an NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner, PhotoReading, Mind Maps, Memory or any of my courses, it is rare that I give handouts or manuals, as I wish to teach the participants implicitly, that is that they know how to do what I am training by doing,  by physically doing the exercises and what I teach.

I do not give out scripts say for the hypnosis, as I want participants to be themselves, to react to their clients and use the appropriate inductions and words that fit the moment.

Too often I have seen and heard hypnotists using scripts verbatim, even “hypnotists” who have the script written down and laminated, reading directly from something that was written maybe fifty years ago by someone else.

They fail to be responsive to the clients needs, give feedback to what is happening to the client, what is happening in the environment.

Yes there is a structure to what I teach, in the process, in how one element of the course leads, links into and is associated with other elements.

I remember one course in particular, where a participant had a list of everything, every element that they thought I should be covering in my training. As I taught the elements, the participant would cross it off their list. At breaks, this participant would say to the other members of the course :-

            “Oh, Phillip has now covered this on my list, but he has not done that.”

It took me a while to understand why I was being asked if I would be covering this or that, when in fact I had. This person had obtained “their training content list” from another training provider coming from another licensing organisation, which provided a very much condensed course, giving a manual for participants to read at home.

They failed to realise that this other organisation’s structure of training was different to mine, and that the “content names” had been changed to make their course seem original and unique to them.

It was when I obtained “their training content list,” and went through what we had covered already, that the rest of course participants realised that they had been taught more than the so called list had written down.

And so it is with scripts and manuals. People can rely too much on them. They should be used as a guide only, and the speaker or provider to be themselves, not someone else who wrote a script fifty years ago.

I recently attended a training where the participants were asked to read from a script as they worked on exercises with fellow trainees.

Oh how wooden and false the language used was.

Oh how much information or feedback that the “client” was giving was missed, because the giver, the reader had their face buried in the script.

Lastly, how many manuals or scripts are ever looked at again after a course or training? Mostly they are left under the bed.

I do give out manuals when appropriate along with sample scripts, for example within the stage hypnosis course, PhotoReading etc., but for reference only.

I train my participants how to do what I am teaching from their heart, by actually trying out what I am teaching in the course, learning by doing.

But for those that want an out-line script, I will be publishing them soon. Return here to my blog for more information or subscribe to the blog on the left, for regular updates.

News in the Trade Arabia – Middle East business information

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My visit to Bahrain resulted in a number of press releases, news paper articles, and visiting newspaper photographers.

One release came from the Trade Arabia – Middle East business information web site.

Trade Arabia - Middle East business information
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Expert tips to polish learning skills
Manama: Wed, 14 May 2008

Phillip Holt

Internationally acclaimed trainer Phillip Holt is returning to Bahrain for 10 days of dynamic and enjoyable accelerated ‘superlearning’.

Phillip is a Master and Trainer in NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), PhotoReading and MindMapping, accredited by the Society for NLP, Tony Buzan and Paul Scheele, the originators of these powerful tools for boosting brain power.

He works with World Memory Champions and  regularly appears on television and in the media and is sought after as a trainer across the world, running courses in his native UK, where he is director of NLP.

Phillip previously visited Bahrain in February when his first PhotoReading course was sold out in advance and received extremely positive feedback from all of the 31 participants, who included a variety of business people, doctors, professionals and students.

“The course was excellent” said Dr Jinan Darwish, a paediatrician. “Well organised and well-presented and executed.” 

“Phillip is an excellent trainer,” agreed Dawiya Nassir, a policy adviser. “It was very interesting. He really inspired us and made us believe that we can do it!”

A teacher who attended the course said “I learned a lot from Mr Phillip Holt, not just PhotoReading. His course gave me the motivation to start a new degree soon and I will be able to read as many books as I need.”

Student Katerina Al Qarainees said that the course was very enjoyable and beneficial.

“I can now learn not to cram a whole load of work before an exam but Photoread that book and extract relevant information in the exam.” 

Another student, Nevin Isaac Mathew said: “I really loved this course!”

Translator, Nadia Kazim, described the course as “Amazing… the first credit goes to our lovely instructor. I am sure it is going to add a radical change to my life.”

“I’m really not exaggerating if I say that this course doesn’t have any weak or boring aspects,” she said.
The course teaches innovative ways to read faster and with better recall and concentration and is certified by Paul Scheele, founder of PhotoReading and Director of Learning Strategies Corporation, the US, who originated this highly acclaimed ‘whole mind’ system that teaches how to:

PhotoRead the printed page at rates exceeding a page per second; Accelerate learning by reading in ways that are flexible, active and purposeful; Tap the reserve capabilities of the non-conscious mind; Integrate information for personal and professional benefits using ‘activation’ techniques, such as rapid reading and MindMapping.

The two-and-a-half day PhotoReading course will be held on Thursday (May 15) from 4.30-9pm and on Friday and Saturday, from 9 – 6 each day at the Elite Suites Hotel in Sanabis. It will be followed by a two-day intensive Memory Power and MindMapping course at the same venue on Monday and Tuesday, from 9-6 daily.

Holt will be teaching a two-part course for children aged 7-14. Superlearning for Kids starts on May 18 and has already sold out and has a waiting list for the next course.

Children will learn how to maximise their potential and creativity with accelerated learning, memory and reading skills using techniques developed by the genius of the world’s leading exponents of mind power.

Phillip Holt works with best-selling author ‘Mr Memory’ Tony Buzan, the originator of MindMapping and author of numerous best-selling books on memory and learning, and with Gianni Golfera, who has been described as “the man with the biggest memory in the world”.
TradeArabia News Service


I would like to thank all the participants and organisers for their help and input allowing me to train in Bahrain, and look forward to meeting you all again soon.