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NLP Master Practitioner and Coaching in Bahrain

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Another course ended last night here in Bahrain for NLP Master Practitioner and Coaching.

Now I am waiting to deliver the second half of Super Learning for Kids, 42 of them.

The NLP Master Practitioner and Coaching course was an interesting and a challenging course to run, with so many characters, levels of knowledge, both professional and that of previous knowledge of NLP.

NLP Master Practitioner and Coaching Course with Phillip Holt in Bahrain. NLP Master Practitioner and Coaching Course, Bahrain.

It is interesting for me to encounter the results of other organisations understanding of what is NLP, and how they train participants.

Having worked with Richard Bandler for many years, and being a licensed trainer of the Society of NLP, the standard NLP Practitioner course would be 7 days. But then I come across people who had been trained to the “same level” in 4 days by other organisations. I have to ask, what has been missed out, what has not been taught, have the participants actually had experience of and practiced the techniques and ideas covered by the NLP Practitioner syllabus?

Certainly, I have had to catch participants up with missing knowledge, teach for example, the Pattern Interrupt technique, or what is known as the handshake interrupt.

I am grateful for being able to work with the likes of Richard Bandler, John Gindler, Ormond McGill, Paul McKenna, Paul Scheele, Buzan etc, directly, so that I can give my participants firsthand what they need to know, and to reach the standards demanded by the originators.

It is also fantastic to know that those people who attend my courses, often go on to gain licenses for themselves to give training, even if perhaps they replace me in their countries, by offering what I do themselves.

Back to the UK next, straight after the end of todays Super Learning for Kids course. I hope I can sleep on the flight home.