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Stage Hypnosis in Turkey

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I have often been asked by participants and friends in Turkey to give a stage hypnosis show, and perhaps give a course, as I do in the UK, over two days.

I think this time is near, and with my friends at NLP-Time or NLPGrup in Istanbul, and as we have done with GAP Consultancy in Gaziantep, we may be putting on a “private show” for ex participants and friends.

Don't look me in the eyes
Don’t look me in the eyes

This will be an opportunity to meet old friends and discover new ones and ideas, whilst having a fun time together.

Mind Maps in Milano

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As part of my trip to Milan in Italy, I gave a one day course in Tony Buzan’s Mind Maps.

As a BLI (Buzan Licensed Instructor) for many years, I enjoy giving this course, laying the foundations and reasons for people needing to use Mind Maps, in business life, for education, for normal personal reasons.

It comes as no surprise that people use similar systems, having had read a book, or being taught by an unlicensed trainer who does not really understand the concepts or reason behind Mind Maps, or does not know the different computer packages available, or when or how to implement Mind Maps.

Mind Maps in Milan with over 40 participants Mind Maps in Milan with over 40 participants

So having again another 40 people on the course in the Concorde Hotel in Milan, and guiding them through the process, gave me great happiness, especially seeing the results of my work and theirs.

An example of a computer Mind Map using iMindMap by Phillip Holt
An example of a computer Mind Map using iMindMap

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