I hate Computers

At one time I was I suppose a computer expert.

For over thirty years I worked in the computer industry, being employed by computer manufacturers, NCR, Sperry Univac, Texas Instruments and end users, to program computers to do whatever the customers wanted.

As I aged, got older, with my hair going gray, the demands for my expertise and knowledge began to diminish and anyway I had found a new career in being a trainer in NLP, Hypnosis, PhotoReading, Mind Maps and Memory. I left the computer field. It is a young persons profession.

So I know a little about computers, but usually keep my mouth shut, as things go wrong, or people want advice.

I need computers in my work, for communication with Skype and Gizmo, entertainment with Slingbox enabling me to watch British TV no matter where I am in the world, to write my blog, letters and to play music with iTunes in my courses.

I get lots of emails per day, many are spams, unwanted mails which I delete easily and quickly. I am aware of the dangers of virus’s, Trojan’s, people trying to gain access to my computer and data, so I use software to protect myself.

For many years I have used Norton or Symantec software, paying my annual fees, and upgrading as required.

The latest release I upgraded to is Norton 360, as it was the natural upgrade path offered by Symantec. Oh how I regret it.

Time is important to me as I travel, prepare to start another day in a strange country for training, I have to catch planes, catch trains, keep appointments. I need to download my messages, process them, reply where required, then get on with my day.

It can take me more than half an hour to start my computer with the protection I need against people attacking my computer, half an hour of powering up and down, rebooting the computer, waiting for Norton 360 to load in the correct sequence, for if it loads last in the boot sequence, then Auto Protection facility is off, and nothing I do will switch it on. If Norton 360 loads first in the IPL sequence (Initial Program Load), the I get protection.

I have spoken to Symantec or Norton support, I think based in India, and got no where. Do they understand me?

I paid good money for the software, I want it to work. I cannot sit in an airport lounge reloading my computer, I need to work and catch my plane.

If you have the answer without having to buy more software, please let me know.

I hate computers.

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