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A foggy day in Kingston Town

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Today I find myself back in the UK, in my home town of Kingston upon Thames, to another bed, and yes as I woke-up, I had a quick think as to where I was.   (See blog Where am I? Click).

It was 6am in the morning, and nature called. Looking out of the window of my flat in Norbiton Hall, fog had descended in the area, reminding me of my training trip with Gap Consultancy to Gaziantep in the south of Turkey a few weeks previously, where a similar scene presented itself.

Fog over Norbiton Fog already lifting at 8am in Norbiton, Kingston upon Thames.

The difference between Norbiton fog to Gaziantep fog, is that the fog in Norbiton is clouds touching the ground. In Gaxiantep it is pollution from the fossil fuels being burnt for the factories and homes of the area, especially coal.
As you drive into the city of Gaziantep on a cold day, you can smell the coal smoke, and getting into the center of the city vision is very much impaired.

I remember as a young boy in the heavily industrial Midlands of the UK, called the Black Country, due the homes factories belching out thick smoke, and on days when the clouds touched the grown, the result was that the smoke and water droplets combined to make a thick soup. So thick there were times when you could not see your hand extended in front of you, and the colour of this smog was yellow.

Gaziantep is in the process of banning the use of fossil fuels like coal which creates this smog, and in the next year will convert to natural gas, as they are laying the gas pipes now in the streets in preparation.

Houses belching coal smoke in Gaziantep Houses belching coal smoke causing smog, seen from Gaziantep Fortress.

                                         Smog descends over Gaziantep, seen from my hotel Smog in Gaziantep

I hope other cities take a similar view to pollution as Gaziantep has, so that the people can enjoy the fresh air and beauty of their home towns.